Free Online Hazen-Williams Pipe Head Loss Calculator

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Hazen-Williams Pipe Head Loss at Given Diameter, Roughness, and Flow

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Flow area, a Flow area, a X
Wetted perimeter, Pw Wetted perimeter, Pw X
Hydraulic radius, Rh Hydraulic radius, Rh X
Velocity, v Velocity, v X
Velocity head, hv Velocity head, hv X
Friction slope Friction slope X
Average shear stress (tractive force), tau Average shear stress (tractive force), tau X
Friction loss, Hf Friction loss, Hf X
Junction loss, Hm Junction loss, Hm X
Total loss, Hl Total loss, Hl X
Downstream HGL Downstream HGL X
Upstream EGL Upstream EGL X
Upstream HGL Upstream HGL X

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