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The HawsEDC tools are over 300 AutoCAD custom commands optimized to balance simplicity against speed, ease of use against ease of learning. The commands range from the utterly simple and unoriginal quick key aliases, to quick and amazing but simple and common tools, to unique and ingenious HawsEDC tools, to special civil engineering tools, to heavy duty applications.

Here are some examples:

The HawsEDC tools all conform to your text, scale, and layer standards. For sizes and scales they follow the AutoCAD dimension variables. For text they use the current style. For layers, they use a layers file you can edit.


Copy all the HawsEDC files to a HawsEDC folder and add that folder to the top of the AutoCAD Support Files Search Path under the Files tab of the Preferences or Options dialog box in AutoCAD. Then open a drawing and type EDCMENU and NOTESMENU to load the two pull-down menus.

You should see two new pull-down menus added to AutoCAD--EDC and NOTES. Explore them. Especially helpful for new users are the online help, with it's search feature, and the help tips displayed for each menu item on AutoCAD's status line at the bottom of the AutoCAD window. Both help and the help tips give the default keyboard command for each tool.

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