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LDS Church testing collaborative world tree
Published : 23 March 2007 - 10:19:40am

The LDS Church at is now in the beta 2 phase of testing a web application much like phpGedView ‏(the application that powers this site)‏.

Demonstrated advantages over a site like this include the following:

-One central tree
-Connection of unlimited instances of the same person into one record without lossy merging
-Automatic searching of 500,000,000 people and manual \"combining\"/connecting

Disadvantages at the moment appear to include:

-No media files ‏(photos, sounds, etc.)‏
-Sources being converted to notes

I have tested it and I am very impressed and anxious to move this site.
This GEDCOM's Favorites  (4)
David Moses Haws ‎(I185)‎
Birth 11 June 1892 33 34 Colonia Juarez, , Chihuahua, Mexico
Death 9 April 1978 ‏(Age 85)‏ Apache Junction, Pinal, Arizona
Glenna B. Hatch ‎(I196)‎
Birth 25 September 1895 29 25 Thatcher, Graham, Arizona
Death 11 August 1980 ‏(Age 84)‏ Apache Junction, Pinal, Arizona
John Henry Cooper ‎(I1100)‎
Birth 19 June 1882 34 31 Washington, Washington, Utah, Usa
Death 1 October 1963 ‏(Age 81)‏ Gilbert, Maricopa, Arizona, Usa
Gertrude Luveda Clevenger ‎(I1102)‎
Birth 29 April 1894 40 35 Point Peter, Searcy, Arkansas, Usa
Death 7 July 1979 ‏(Age 85)‏ Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, Usa
GEDCOM Statistics
K D Haws and R M Cooper Genealogy
This GEDCOM was created using PhpGedView Online Genealogy 4.0.2 stable on 6 November 2006
Total surnames
Other records
Total events
Total users

Earliest birth yearZachius Clough ‎(I284)‎
Birth about 1736 , , New Hampshire
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year‏(Given name unknown)‏ White ‎(I1047)‎
Birth about 1760
Death about 1788 ‏(Age 28)‏
Latest death year Richard Wilson Shumway ‎(I1406)‎
Birth 18 April 1922 Lakeside, Navajo, AZ
Death 22 August 2004 ‏(Age 82)‏ Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, Usa
Person who lived the longest
Truman Reed Cooper ‎(I1207)‎
Birth 10 August 1891 44 40 Pine, Gila, Arizona
Death 16 December 1991 ‏(Age 100)‏ St. George, Washington, Utah
Average age at death
Males: 64   Females: 69
Family with the most children
David Moses Haws + Glenna B. Hatch ‎(F105)‎
Marriage 16 April 1915 Safford, Graham, Arizona
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
K D Haws and R M Cooper Genealogy

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