msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: W3 Total Cache\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2013-07-13 13:29+0100\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2013-07-13 13:29+0100\n" "Last-Translator: Omar Harbi \n" "Language-Team: W3 EDGE\n" "Language: en_US\n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" "X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.7\n" "X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e\n" "X-Poedit-Basepath: ../\n" "X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n" #: inc/define.php:1522 #, php-format msgid "%dh" msgstr "" #: inc/define.php:1524 #, php-format msgid "%dm" msgstr "" #: inc/define.php:1526 #, php-format msgid "%ds" msgstr "" #: inc/define.php:1528 inc/define.php:1531 #, php-format msgid "%dms" msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:57 #, php-format msgid "%s
then %s." msgstr "%s
ثم %s." #: inc/functions/activation.php:70 #, fuzzy, php-format msgid "" "%s could not be read, please run following command:
\n" " chmod 777 %s" msgstr "" "%sتعذر قراءة فضلاً اعطه التصريح التالي::
chmod 777 %s" #: inc/functions/activation.php:74 #, fuzzy, php-format msgid "" "%s could not be read, open_basedir " "restriction in effect,\n" " please check your php.ini settings:
open_basedir = \"%s\"" msgstr "" "%sتعذر قراءة فضلاً اعطه التصريح التالي::
chmod 777 %s" #: inc/functions/activation.php:96 #, php-format msgid "
  • chmod 777 %s
  • " msgstr "
  • التصريح 777 %s
  • " #: inc/functions/activation.php:103 #, php-format msgid "" "%s could not be created, please run following command:
    " "%s" msgstr "%s تعذر الانشاء, فضلاً نفذ الامر التالي:
    %s" #: inc/functions/activation.php:107 #, php-format msgid "" "%s could not be created, open_basedir\n" " restriction in effect, please check your php." "ini settings:
    \n" " open_basedir = \"%s\"" msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:286 msgid "FTP credentials don't allow to delete folder " msgstr "تصاريح الاف تي بي لا تسمح لحذف المجلد" #: inc/functions/activation.php:314 msgid "FTP credentials don't allow to chmod " msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:346 msgid "FTP credentials don't allow to delete " msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:464 #, php-format msgid "" "Create the %s file and paste the following text into it:\n" "
    " msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:495 msgid "Technical info" msgstr "معلومات فنية" #: inc/functions/activation.php:508 msgid "Execute next commands in a shell:" msgstr "تنفيذ الأوامر التالية في الشيل:" #: inc/functions/activation.php:776 #, php-format msgid "" "W3 Total Cache Error:\n" "\t\t Files and directories could not be automatically\n" "\t\t deleted.\n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t
    Please execute commands manually\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t%s\n" "\t\t
    or use FTP form to allow\n" "\t\t W3 Total Cache make it " "automatically.\n" "\t\t \n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t%s\n" "\t\t
    " msgstr "" #: inc/functions/activation.php:794 msgid "View required changes" msgstr "عرض التغييرات المطلوبة" #: inc/functions/activation.php:795 msgid "Update via FTP" msgstr "التحديث عن طريق FTP" #: inc/functions/admin_ui.php:113 msgid "Take a minute to update, here's why:" msgstr "" #: inc/functions/rule.php:335 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s\n" " and replace all lines between and " "including %s and\n" " %s markers with:" msgstr "" #: inc/functions/rule.php:341 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and add the following rules\n" " above the WordPress directives:" msgstr "" #: inc/functions/rule.php:385 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and remove all lines between and including " "%s\n" " and %s markers." msgstr "" #: inc/functions/themes.php:28 msgid "All Templates" msgstr "كافة القوالب" #: inc/functions/widgets.php:31 msgid "View all" msgstr "عرض الكل" #: inc/functions/widgets.php:61 inc/options/support/form.php:26 #: inc/options/support/payment.php:21 inc/widget/services.php:11 msgid "Cancel" msgstr "إلغاء" #: inc/functions/widgets.php:65 msgid "Configure" msgstr "تهيئة" #: inc/functions/widgets.php:83 msgid "Submit" msgstr "ارسال" #: inc/lightbox/cdn_s3_bucket_location.php:14 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:26 msgid "Create bucket" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/cdn_s3_bucket_location.php:18 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:320 msgid "Close" msgstr "اغلاق" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:2 #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:30 #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:26 inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:15 msgid "Create Pull Zone" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:8 #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:13 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:13 msgid "Name:" msgstr "الاسم:" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:10 msgid "" "Pull Zone Name. Length: 3-32 chars; only letters, digits, and dash (-) " "accepted" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:14 msgid "Url used:" msgstr "الرابط المستخدم:" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:16 msgid "Origin URL" msgstr "الرابط الاصلي" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:20 msgid "Description:" msgstr "الوصف:" #: inc/lightbox/create_netdna_maxcdn_pull_zone.php:22 msgid "Something that describes your zone. Length: 1-255 chars" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:5 msgid "" "To get started with minify, we've identified the following external CSS and " "JS objects in the" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:11 msgid "" "theme. Select \"add\" the files you wish to minify, then click \"apply & " "close\" to save the settings." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:23 #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:77 msgid "Add:" msgstr "إضافة:" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:25 #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:79 inc/options/minify.php:234 #: inc/options/minify.php:359 msgid "File URI:" msgstr "مسار الملف:" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:26 #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:80 inc/options/minify.php:235 #: inc/options/minify.php:360 msgid "Template:" msgstr "القالب:" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:27 inc/options/minify.php:236 msgid "Embed Location:" msgstr "إدراج الموقع:" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:47 inc/options/minify.php:254 msgid "Embed in <head>" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:48 inc/options/minify.php:255 msgid "Embed after <body>" msgstr "تضمينها بعد <body> " #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:49 inc/options/minify.php:256 msgid "Embed before </body>" msgstr "تضمينها قبل </body>" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:53 #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:98 inc/options/minify.php:261 #: inc/options/minify.php:378 msgid "Verify URI" msgstr "لتحقق من الرابط" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:62 #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:107 msgid "Check / Uncheck All" msgstr "تحديد / إلغاء تحديد كل" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:65 msgid "No files found." msgstr "لم يتم العثور على الملفات." #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:68 msgid "Cascading Style Sheets:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:116 msgid "Apply & close" msgstr "Apply & close" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:120 msgid "Notes" msgstr "ملاحظات" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:123 msgid "" "Typically minification of advertiser code, analytics/statistics or any other " "types of tracking code is not recommended." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/minify_recommendations.php:124 msgid "" "Scripts that were not already detected above may require professional " "consultation to implement." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:10 msgid "Compatibility Test" msgstr "اختبار التوافق" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:13 msgid "Legend" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:16 msgid "Installed: Functionality will work properly." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:17 msgid "" "Not detected: May be installed, but cannot be automatically " "confirmed." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:18 msgid "Ok: Current value is acceptable." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:19 msgid "Yes / No: The value was successful detected." msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:24 msgid "Server Modules & Resources:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:28 msgid "Plugin Version:" msgstr "اضدار الاضافة:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:32 msgid "PHP Version:" msgstr "إصدار php:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:60 msgid "" "(required for Self-hosted (FTP) CDN support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:64 msgid "Multibyte String support:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:66 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:76 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:86 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:111 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:120 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:206 msgid "Installed" msgstr "مثبت" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:68 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:78 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:88 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:104 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:113 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:122 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:134 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:146 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:208 msgid "Not installed" msgstr "لم يتم التثبيت" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:70 msgid "(required for Rackspace Cloud Files support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:74 msgid "cURL extension:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:80 msgid "" "(required for Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Rackspace CloudFiles support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:90 msgid "(required for compression support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:96 msgid "Installed (APC)" msgstr " منصب (APC)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:98 msgid "Installed (eAccelerator)" msgstr "منصب (eAccelerator)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:100 msgid "Installed (XCache)" msgstr "منصب (XCache)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:102 msgid "PHP6" msgstr "PHP6" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:109 msgid "Memcache extension:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:118 msgid "HTML Tidy extension:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:124 msgid "(required for HTML Tidy minifier suppport)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:128 msgid "Mime type detection:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:130 msgid "Installed (Fileinfo)" msgstr " منصب (Fileinfo)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:132 msgid "Installed (mime_content_type)" msgstr "منصب (mime_content_type)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:136 msgid "" "(required for CDN " "support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:140 msgid "Hash function:" msgstr "دالة التجزئة:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:142 msgid "Installed (hash)" msgstr "منصب (hash)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:144 msgid "Installed (mhash)" msgstr "منصب (mhash)" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:148 msgid "" "(required for NetDNA / MaxCDN CDN purge support)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:152 msgid "Safe mode:" msgstr "الوضع الآمن:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:154 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:172 msgid "On" msgstr "على" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:156 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:165 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:174 msgid "Off" msgstr "موقف" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:161 msgid "Open basedir:" msgstr "فتح basedir:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:163 msgid "On:" msgstr "مشغل:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:170 msgid "zlib output compression:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:179 msgid "set_time_limit:" msgstr "set_time_limit:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:181 msgid "Available" msgstr "متاح" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:183 msgid "Not available" msgstr "غير متاح" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:211 msgid "Not detected" msgstr "لم يتم الاكتشاف" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:213 msgid "(required for disk enhanced Page Cache and Browser Cache)" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:220 msgid "Additional modules" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:231 msgid "WordPress Resources" msgstr "مصادر ووردبريس" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:246 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:263 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:277 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:112 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:114 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:66 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:234 msgid "OK" msgstr "موافق" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:248 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:254 #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:265 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:275 msgid "Not write-able" msgstr "غير قابل للكتابة" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:252 msgid "Write-able" msgstr "قابل للكتابة" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:273 msgid "Error:" msgstr "خطاء:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:282 msgid "Fancy permalinks:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:286 inc/lightbox/self_test.php:304 #: inc/options/minify.php:58 msgid "Disabled" msgstr "معطل" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:291 msgid "WP_CACHE define:" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:293 msgid "Defined" msgstr "معرف" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:295 msgid "Not defined" msgstr "غير معرف" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:300 msgid "URL rewrite:" msgstr "اعادة كتابة الرابط:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:302 msgid "Enabled" msgstr "ممكن" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:309 msgid "Network mode:" msgstr "وضع الشبكة:" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:311 inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:87 msgid "Yes" msgstr "نعم" #: inc/lightbox/self_test.php:313 msgid "No" msgstr "لا" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:2 msgid "Support Us, It's Free!" msgstr "ادعمنا, مجاناً" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:4 msgid "" "We noticed you've been using W3 Total cache for at least 30 days, please " "help us improe WordPress:" msgstr "" "لاحظنا انك تستخدم اداة W3TC لمدة لا تقل عن 30 يوم, لذا نرجو ان تساعدنا " "لتطوير وردبريس" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:9 msgid "Link to us:" msgstr "ارتبط بنا: " #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:16 #, php-format msgid "tell your friends%s with a tweet" msgstr "اخبر اصدقائك%s بتغريدة" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:17 msgid "I've tweeted" msgstr "تم نشر التغريدة" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:18 #, php-format msgid "and login to to give us a great %srating%s" msgstr "وقمت بتسجيل الدخول على لتمنحنا %srating%s" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:22 msgid "Thanks in advance!" msgstr "" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:25 msgid "Save & close" msgstr "حفظ & اغلاق" #: inc/lightbox/support_us.php:26 msgid "Don't show this prompt again" msgstr "لا تظهر هذه المطالبة مرة أخرى" #: inc/options/about.php:5 msgid "" "User experience is an important aspect of every web site and all web sites " "can benefit from effective caching and file size reduction. We have applied " "web site optimization methods typically used with high traffic sites and " "simplified their implementation. Coupling these methods either memcached and/or opcode " "caching and the CDN of " "your choosing to provide the following features and benefits:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:8 msgid "Improved Google search engine ranking" msgstr "تحسين الترتيب في محرك البحث قوقل" #: inc/options/about.php:9 msgid "Increased visitor time on site" msgstr "زيادة وقت الزائر في الموقع" #: inc/options/about.php:10 msgid "Optimized progressive render (pages start rendering immediately)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:11 msgid "" "Reduced HTTP " "Transactions, DNS lookups " "and reduced document load time" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:12 msgid "" "Bandwidth savings via Minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, " "JavaScript and feeds" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:13 msgid "" "Increased web server concurrency and increased scale (easily sustain high " "traffic spikes)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:14 msgid "" "Transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration with Media Library, theme files and " "WordPress core" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:15 msgid "Caching of pages / posts in memory or on disk or on CDN (mirror only)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:16 msgid "" "Caching of (minified) CSS " "and JavaScript in memory, on disk or on CDN" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:17 msgid "Caching of database objects in memory or on disk" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:18 msgid "Caching of objects in memory or on disk" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:19 msgid "" "Caching of feeds (site, categories, tags, comments, search results) in " "memory or on disk" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:20 msgid "" "Caching of search results pages (i.e. URIs with query string variables) in memory or on disk" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:21 msgid "Minification of posts / pages and feeds" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:22 msgid "" "Minification (concatenation and white space removal) of inline, external or " "3rd party JavaScript / CSS with automated updates" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:23 msgid "" "Complete header management including Etags" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:24 msgid "JavaScript embedding group and location management" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:25 msgid "" "Import post attachments directly into the Media Library (and CDN)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:28 msgid "" "Your users have less data to download, you can now serve more visitors at " "once without upgrading your hardware and you don't have to change how you do " "anything; just set it and forget it." msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:30 msgid "Who do I thank for all of this?" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:32 msgid "" "It's quite difficult to recall all of the innovators that have shared their " "thoughts, code and experiences in the blogosphere over the years, but here " "are some names to get you started:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/about.php:49 msgid "" "Please reach out to all of these people and support their projects if you're " "so inclined." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:6 #, php-format msgid "Browser caching is currently %s." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:6 inc/options/cdn.php:8 #: inc/options/dashboard.php:7 inc/options/dbcache.php:6 #: inc/options/general.php:7 inc/options/minify.php:16 #: inc/options/new_relic.php:4 inc/options/objectcache.php:9 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:9 inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:6 #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:89 msgid "enabled" msgstr "ممكن" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:6 inc/options/cdn.php:8 #: inc/options/dashboard.php:7 inc/options/dbcache.php:6 #: inc/options/general.php:7 inc/options/minify.php:16 #: inc/options/new_relic.php:4 inc/options/objectcache.php:9 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:9 inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:6 #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:89 msgid "disabled" msgstr "معطل" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:12 #, php-format msgid "" "%sUpdate media query string%s to make existing file modifications visible to " "visitors with a primed cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:20 inc/options/cdn.php:42 #: inc/options/dbcache.php:18 inc/options/general.php:15 #: inc/options/minify.php:36 inc/options/pgcache.php:24 #: inc/options/common/header.php:78 inc/options/common/header.php:105 #: inc/options/common/header.php:118 inc/options/common/header.php:132 #: inc/options/common/header.php:151 inc/options/common/header.php:181 msgid "General" msgstr "عام" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:21 msgid "Specify global browser cache policy." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:29 inc/options/browsercache.php:128 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:218 inc/options/browsercache.php:294 msgid "Set Last-Modified header" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:30 inc/options/browsercache.php:129 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:219 inc/options/browsercache.php:295 msgid "Set the Last-Modified header to enable 304 Not Modified response." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:39 inc/options/browsercache.php:135 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:225 inc/options/browsercache.php:301 msgid "Set expires header" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:40 inc/options/browsercache.php:136 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:226 inc/options/browsercache.php:302 msgid "Set the expires header to encourage browser caching of files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:46 inc/options/browsercache.php:151 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:242 inc/options/browsercache.php:317 msgid "Set cache control header" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:47 inc/options/browsercache.php:152 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:243 inc/options/browsercache.php:318 msgid "" "Set pragma and cache-control headers to encourage browser caching of files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:54 inc/options/browsercache.php:175 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:265 inc/options/browsercache.php:341 msgid "Set entity tag (eTag)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:55 inc/options/browsercache.php:176 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:266 inc/options/browsercache.php:342 msgid "Set the Etag header to encourage browser caching of files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:61 inc/options/browsercache.php:181 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:271 inc/options/browsercache.php:347 msgid "Set W3 Total Cache header" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:62 inc/options/browsercache.php:182 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:272 inc/options/browsercache.php:348 msgid "Set this header to assist in identifying optimized files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:69 inc/options/browsercache.php:187 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:277 msgid "" "Enable HTTP (gzip) " "compression" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:70 inc/options/browsercache.php:188 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:278 inc/options/browsercache.php:354 msgid "Reduce the download time for text-based files." msgstr "تقليل من وقت تحميل ملفات text-based." #: inc/options/browsercache.php:77 inc/options/browsercache.php:193 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:359 msgid "Prevent caching of objects after settings change" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:78 inc/options/browsercache.php:194 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:360 msgid "" "Whenever settings are changed, a new query string will be generated and " "appended to objects allowing the new policy to be applied." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:82 msgid "Prevent caching exception list:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:87 msgid "" "Do not add the prevent caching query string to the specified files. Supports " "regular expression." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:94 inc/options/browsercache.php:199 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:365 msgid "Disable cookies for static files" msgstr "تعطيل الكوكيز للملفات الثابته" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:95 inc/options/browsercache.php:200 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:366 msgid "Removes Set-Cookie header for responses." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:100 msgid "Do not process 404 errors for static objects with WordPress" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:101 msgid "" "Reduce server load by allowing the web server to handle 404 (not found) " "errors for static files (images etc)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:105 msgid "404 error exception list:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:110 msgid "Never process 404 (not found) events for the specified files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:117 inc/options/browsercache.php:207 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:285 inc/options/browsercache.php:373 #: inc/options/cdn.php:138 inc/options/cdn.php:153 inc/options/cdn.php:301 #: inc/options/dbcache.php:30 inc/options/dbcache.php:95 #: inc/options/general.php:43 inc/options/general.php:97 #: inc/options/general.php:184 inc/options/general.php:235 #: inc/options/general.php:282 inc/options/general.php:312 #: inc/options/general.php:364 inc/options/general.php:399 #: inc/options/general.php:467 inc/options/general.php:579 #: inc/options/general.php:735 inc/options/general.php:765 #: inc/options/minify.php:70 inc/options/minify.php:126 #: inc/options/minify.php:280 inc/options/minify.php:397 #: inc/options/minify.php:498 inc/options/mobile.php:83 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:83 inc/options/pgcache.php:95 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:142 inc/options/pgcache.php:229 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:390 inc/options/referrer.php:83 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:87 msgid "Save all settings" msgstr "حفظ كافة الإعدادات" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:121 inc/options/common/header.php:152 msgid "" "CSS & JS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:122 msgid "" "Specify browser cache policy for Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:141 inc/options/browsercache.php:231 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:307 msgid "Expires header lifetime:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:146 inc/options/browsercache.php:237 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:312 inc/options/cdn.php:208 #: inc/options/cdn.php:217 inc/options/dbcache.php:53 #: inc/options/dbcache.php:61 inc/options/minify.php:437 #: inc/options/minify.php:446 inc/options/objectcache.php:41 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:49 inc/options/pgcache.php:111 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:275 inc/options/pgcache.php:285 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:292 inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:63 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:70 msgid "seconds" msgstr "ثواني" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:157 inc/options/browsercache.php:248 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:323 msgid "Cache Control policy:" msgstr "سياسة تحكم ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت:" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:165 inc/options/browsercache.php:255 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:331 msgid "cache with max-age (\"public, max-age=EXPIRES_SECONDS\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:166 msgid "cache with validation (\"public, must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:167 inc/options/browsercache.php:257 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:333 msgid "" "cache with max-age and validation (\"max-age=EXPIRES_SECONDS, public, must-" "revalidate, proxy-revalidate\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:168 inc/options/browsercache.php:258 #: inc/options/browsercache.php:334 msgid "cache without proxy (\"private, must-revalidate\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:169 msgid "no-cache (\"max-age=0, private, no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:211 msgid "" "HTML & XML" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:212 msgid "" "Specify browser cache policy for posts, pages, feeds and text-based files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:256 inc/options/browsercache.php:332 msgid "cache with validation (\"public, must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:259 inc/options/browsercache.php:335 msgid "no-cache (\"max-age=0, private, no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:289 msgid "Media & Other Files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:330 msgid "cache (\"public\")" msgstr "" #: inc/options/browsercache.php:353 msgid "" "Enable HTTP (gzip) " "compression" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:6 #, php-format msgid "Content Delivery Network support via %1$s is currently %2$s." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:26 msgid "" "Prepare the CDN by:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:27 msgid "importing attachments into the Media Library" msgstr "استيراد المرفقات في مكتبة الوسائط" #: inc/options/cdn.php:28 msgid "unsuccessful file transfers" msgstr "لم يتم نقل الملفات بشكل صحيح" #: inc/options/cdn.php:28 msgid "if some objects appear to be missing." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:30 inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:35 inc/widget/maxcdn.php:25 #: inc/widget/netdna.php:25 msgid "Purge" msgstr "إزالة" #: inc/options/cdn.php:30 msgid "" "objects from the CDN " "if needed." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:32 msgid "if the domain name of your site has ever changed." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:36 inc/options/minify.php:29 msgid "Update media query string" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:36 msgid "" "to make existing file modifications visible to visitors with a primed cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:46 msgid "Host attachments" msgstr "مضيف المفرفقات" #: inc/options/cdn.php:47 msgid "" "If checked, all attachments will be hosted with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:51 msgid "Upload attachments" msgstr "تحميل المرفقات" #: inc/options/cdn.php:57 msgid "Host wp-includes/ files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:58 msgid "" "If checked, WordPress static core file types specified in the \"wp-includes " "file types to upload\" field below will be hosted with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:62 msgid "Upload includes files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:68 msgid "Host theme files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:69 msgid "" "If checked, all theme file types specified in the \"theme file types to " "upload\" field below will be hosted with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:73 msgid "Upload theme files" msgstr "تحميل ملفات القالب" #: inc/options/cdn.php:79 msgid "" "Host minified CSS and " "JS files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:80 msgid "" "If checked, minified CSS and JS files " "will be hosted with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:84 msgid "Upload minify files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:90 msgid "Host custom files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:92 #, php-format msgid "" "If checked, any file names or paths specified in the \"custom file list\" " "field below will be hosted with the CDN. Supports regular expression (See FAQ)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:97 msgid "Upload custom files" msgstr "تحميل الملفات المخصصة" #: inc/options/cdn.php:104 msgid "Force over-writing of existing files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:105 msgid "" "If modified files are not always detected and replaced, use this option to " "over-write them." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:111 msgid "Import external media library attachments" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:112 msgid "" "Download attachments hosted elsewhere into your media library and deliver " "them via CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:117 msgid "Enable mirroring of pages" msgstr "تمكين النسخ المتطابق للصفحات" #: inc/options/cdn.php:120 #, php-format msgid "" "Enabling this option allows the CDN to handle requests for unauthenticated pages thereby " "reducing the traffic load on the origin server(s). Purge policies are set on " "the Page Cache settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:128 msgid "Add canonical header" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:129 msgid "" "Adds canonical HTTP " "header to assets files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:142 inc/options/common/header.php:182 msgid "Configuration" msgstr "التكوين" #: inc/options/cdn.php:157 inc/options/dbcache.php:34 #: inc/options/minify.php:401 inc/options/objectcache.php:23 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:233 inc/options/common/header.php:106 #: inc/options/common/header.php:122 inc/options/common/header.php:133 #: inc/options/common/header.php:142 inc/options/common/header.php:183 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:46 msgid "Advanced" msgstr "متقدم" #: inc/options/cdn.php:161 msgid "" "Disable CDN on " "SSL pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:167 msgid "" "Don't replace URLs " "for following user roles" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:168 msgid "Select user roles that will use the origin server exclusively:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:192 msgid "Automatically upload minify files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:193 msgid "" "If CDN is enabled (and " "not using the origin pull method), your minified files will be automatically " "uploaded." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:198 msgid "Export changed files automatically" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:199 msgid "Automatically attempt to find and upload changed files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:203 msgid "Auto upload interval:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:209 msgid "Specify the interval between upload of changed files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:213 msgid "Re-transfer cycle interval:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:218 msgid "The number of seconds to wait before upload attempt." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:222 msgid "Re-transfer cycle limit:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:227 msgid "Number of files processed per upload attempt." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:232 msgid "wp-includes file types to upload:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:237 msgid "" "Specify the file types within the WordPress core to host with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:241 msgid "Theme file types to upload:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:246 msgid "" "Specify the file types in the active theme to host with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:250 msgid "File types to import:" msgstr "أنواع الملفات للاستيراد:" #: inc/options/cdn.php:255 msgid "" "Automatically import files hosted with 3rd parties of these types (if used " "in your posts / pages) to your media library." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:264 msgid "" "Specify any files outside of theme or other common directories to host with " "the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:267 msgid "" "To upload files in blogs.dir for current blog write wp-content/<" "currentblog>/." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:273 inc/options/minify.php:475 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:306 msgid "Rejected user agents:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:277 msgid "" "Specify user agents that should not access files hosted with the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:281 msgid "Rejected files:" msgstr "رفض الملفات:" #: inc/options/cdn.php:285 msgid "" "Specify the path of files that should not use the CDN." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:294 msgid "" "If using subdomain for CDN functionality, this setting helps prevent new users from sending " "cookies in requests to the CDN subdomain." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:305 inc/options/install.php:269 #: inc/options/minify.php:502 inc/options/mobile.php:87 #: inc/options/support/form.php:6 msgid "Note(s):" msgstr "ملاحظات:" #: inc/options/cdn.php:310 msgid "" "You can use placeholders {wp_content_dir}, {plugins_dir}, {uploads_dir} " "instead of writing folder paths (wp-content, wp-content/plugins, wp-content/" "uploads)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn.php:311 msgid "" "If using Amazon Web Services or Self-Hosted CDN types, enable HTTP compression in the \"Media & Other " "Files\" section on Browser " "Cache Settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:5 #, php-format msgid "" "The plugin is currently %s in %s mode." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:15 msgid "compatibility check" msgstr "فحص التوافق" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:17 msgid "empty all caches" msgstr "افراغ ذاكرة التخزين الموقتة" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:17 inc/options/dashboard.php:19 msgid "at once or" msgstr "مرة واحدة أو" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:19 msgid "empty all caches except CloudFlare" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:21 msgid "empty only the memcached cache(s)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:21 inc/options/dashboard.php:22 #: inc/options/dashboard.php:24 inc/options/dashboard.php:26 #: inc/options/dashboard.php:28 msgid "or" msgstr "أو" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:22 msgid "empty only the opcode cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:24 msgid "empty only the APC system cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:26 msgid "empty only the disk cache(s)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:28 msgid "purge CDN completely" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:30 msgid "update Media Query String" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dashboard.php:40 lib/W3/Menus.php:38 lib/W3/Menus.php:39 msgid "Dashboard" msgstr "" # php-format #: inc/options/dbcache.php:6 #, php-format msgid "Database caching via %s is currently %s." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:9 msgid "To rebuild the database cache use the" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:11 inc/options/minify.php:21 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:16 msgid "empty cache" msgstr "إفراغ ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:12 msgid "operation." msgstr "العملية." #: inc/options/dbcache.php:22 msgid "Don't cache queries for logged in users" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:23 msgid "" "Enabling this option is recommended to maintain default WordPress behavior." msgstr "يوصى تمكين هذا الخيار للحفاظ على سلوك ووردبريس" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:38 inc/options/minify.php:420 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:27 inc/options/pgcache.php:237 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:50 msgid "" "Memcached hostname:port / IP:" "port:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:42 inc/options/minify.php:426 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:31 inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:54 msgid "Test" msgstr "اختبار" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:44 inc/options/minify.php:428 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:33 inc/options/pgcache.php:247 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:56 msgid "" "Multiple servers may be used and seperated by a comma; e.g. " "," msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:49 inc/options/pgcache.php:271 msgid "Maximum lifetime of cache objects:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:54 inc/options/objectcache.php:42 #: inc/options/pgcache.php:276 inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:64 msgid "" "Determines the natural expiration time of unchanged cache items. The higher " "the value, the larger the cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:58 inc/options/minify.php:442 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:46 inc/options/pgcache.php:281 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:68 msgid "Garbage collection interval:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:62 inc/options/minify.php:447 #: inc/options/objectcache.php:50 inc/options/pgcache.php:286 #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:71 msgid "" "If caching to disk, specify how frequently expired cache data is removed. " "For busy sites, a lower value is best." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:66 inc/options/pgcache.php:324 msgid "Never cache the following pages:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:71 #, php-format msgid "" "Always ignore the specified pages / directories. Supports regular expression " "(See FAQ)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:76 msgid "Ignored query stems:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:80 msgid "" "Do not cache queries that contain these terms. Any entered prefix (set in wp-" "config.php) will be replaced with current database prefix (default: wp_). " "Query stems can be identified using debug mode." msgstr "" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:84 msgid "Reject query words:" msgstr "رفض كلمات الاستعلام:" #: inc/options/dbcache.php:88 msgid "Do not cache queries that contain these words or regular expressions." msgstr "" #: inc/options/faq.php:4 msgid "Table of Contents" msgstr "جدول المحتويات" #: inc/options/general.php:21 msgid "Toggle all caching types on or off (at once)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:30 msgid "Disable" msgstr "تعطيل" #: inc/options/general.php:31 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:383 msgid "Preview" msgstr "معاينة" #: inc/options/general.php:32 msgid "Deploy" msgstr "نشر" #: inc/options/general.php:34 inc/options/general.php:54 #: inc/options/general.php:109 inc/options/general.php:196 #: inc/options/general.php:247 inc/options/general.php:323 #: inc/options/general.php:483 inc/options/general.php:602 #: inc/options/minify.php:79 inc/options/minify.php:135 #: inc/options/minify.php:289 msgid "Enable" msgstr "تمكين" #: inc/options/general.php:36 msgid "" "Use preview mode to test configuration scenarios prior to releasing them " "(deploy) on the actual site. Preview mode remains active even after " "deploying settings until the feature is disabled." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:47 inc/options/general.php:746 #: inc/options/common/header.php:79 lib/W3/Menus.php:48 lib/W3/Menus.php:49 #: lib/W3/UI/NewRelicNotes.php:28 msgid "Page Cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:48 msgid "Enable page caching to decrease the response time of the site." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:52 msgid "Page cache:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:55 msgid "" "Caching pages will reduce the response time of your site and increase the " "scale of your web server." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:59 msgid "Page cache method:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:62 msgid "Shared Server (disk enhanced is best):" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:63 msgid "Disk: Basic" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:64 msgid "Disk: Enhanced" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:66 inc/options/general.php:131 #: inc/options/general.php:258 msgid "Dedicated / Virtual Server:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:67 inc/options/general.php:132 #: inc/options/general.php:208 inc/options/general.php:259 msgid "Opcode: Alternative PHP Cache (APC)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:68 inc/options/general.php:133 #: inc/options/general.php:209 inc/options/general.php:260 msgid "Opcode: eAccelerator" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:69 inc/options/general.php:134 #: inc/options/general.php:210 inc/options/general.php:261 msgid "Opcode: XCache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:70 inc/options/general.php:135 #: inc/options/general.php:211 inc/options/general.php:262 msgid "Opcode: WinCache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:72 inc/options/general.php:137 #: inc/options/general.php:264 msgid "Multiple Servers:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:73 inc/options/general.php:138 #: inc/options/general.php:214 inc/options/general.php:265 msgid "Memcached" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:81 msgid "Use late \"init\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:82 msgid "" "Adds support for use of WordPress functionality in fragment caching calls. " "Usage of this option will increase response times." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:87 inc/options/general.php:174 #: inc/options/general.php:221 inc/options/general.php:272 #: inc/options/general.php:302 inc/options/general.php:354 #: inc/options/general.php:389 inc/options/general.php:569 #: inc/options/general.php:655 msgid "Network policy:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:89 inc/options/general.php:176 #: inc/options/general.php:223 inc/options/general.php:274 #: inc/options/general.php:304 inc/options/general.php:356 #: inc/options/general.php:391 inc/options/general.php:571 #: inc/options/general.php:657 msgid "Apply the settings above to the entire network." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:98 inc/options/general.php:185 #: inc/options/general.php:236 inc/options/general.php:283 msgid "Empty cache" msgstr "إفراغ ذاكرة التخزين المؤقته" #: inc/options/general.php:102 inc/options/general.php:747 #: inc/options/minify.php:141 inc/options/minify.php:155 #: inc/options/minify.php:166 lib/W3/Menus.php:53 lib/W3/Menus.php:54 #: lib/W3/UI/NewRelicNotes.php:30 msgid "Minify" msgstr "قلل" #: inc/options/general.php:103 msgid "" "Reduce load time by decreasing the size and number of CSS and JS files. Automatically remove unncessary data from CSS, JS, feed, page and post HTML." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:107 msgid "Minify:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:111 msgid "Minify is disabled because CloudFlare minification is enabled." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:113 #, php-format msgid "" "Minification can decrease file size of HTML, CSS, JS and feeds respectively " "by ~10% on average." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:117 msgid "Minify mode:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:119 msgid "Auto" msgstr "تلقائي" #: inc/options/general.php:120 msgid "Manual" msgstr "يدوي" #: inc/options/general.php:121 msgid "" "Select manual mode to use fields on the minify settings tab to specify files " "to be minified, otherwise files will be minified automatically." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:125 msgid "Minify cache method:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:128 msgid "Shared Server (disk is best):" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:129 inc/options/general.php:205 #: inc/options/general.php:256 msgid "Disk" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:144 msgid "HTML minifier:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:147 inc/options/general.php:166 msgid "Default" msgstr "افتراضي" #: inc/options/general.php:148 msgid "HTML Tidy" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:153 msgid "JS minifier:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:156 msgid "JSMin (default)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:157 inc/options/general.php:167 msgid "YUI Compressor" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:158 msgid "Closure Compiler" msgstr "إغلاق المحول البرمجي" #: inc/options/general.php:163 msgid "CSS minifier:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:168 msgid "CSS Tidy" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:189 inc/options/general.php:748 #: inc/options/common/header.php:81 lib/W3/Menus.php:58 lib/W3/Menus.php:59 msgid "Database Cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:190 msgid "Enable database caching to reduce post, page and feed creation time." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:194 msgid "Database Cache:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:197 msgid "" "Caching database objects decreases the response time of your site. Best used " "if object caching is not possible." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:201 msgid "Database Cache Method:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:241 msgid "" "Enable object caching to further reduce execution time for common operations." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:245 msgid "Object Cache:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:248 msgid "" "Object caching greatly increases performance for highly dynamic sites that " "use the Object Cache API." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:252 msgid "Object Cache Method:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:255 msgid "Shared Server:" msgstr "خادم مشترك: " #: inc/options/general.php:289 inc/options/common/header.php:86 #: lib/W3/Menus.php:77 lib/W3/Menus.php:78 msgid "Browser Cache" msgstr "مستعرض الكاش" #: inc/options/general.php:290 msgid "" "Reduce server load and decrease response time by using the cache available " "in site visitor's web browser." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:294 msgid "Browser Cache:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:297 msgid "" "Enable HTTP " "compression and add headers to reduce server load and decrease file load " "time." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:316 inc/options/general.php:753 #: inc/options/common/header.php:87 lib/W3/Menus.php:93 msgid "CDN" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:317 msgid "" "Host static files with your content delivery network provider to reduce page " "load time." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:321 msgid "CDN:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:324 msgid "" "Theme files, media library attachments, CSS, JS files etc " "will appear to load instantly for site visitors." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:328 msgid "CDN Type:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:332 msgid "Akamai" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:333 inc/options/general.php:342 msgid "Amazon CloudFront" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:334 msgid "Cotendo (Akamai)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:335 msgid "AT&T" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:336 msgid "Generic Mirror" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:337 msgid "Media Temple ProCDN / EdgeCast" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:338 msgid "NetDNA" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:339 msgid "MaxCDN" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:343 msgid "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:344 msgid "Microsoft Azure Storage" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:345 msgid "Rackspace Cloud Files" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:346 msgid "Self-hosted / File Transfer Protocol Upload" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:349 msgid "" "Select the CDN type " "you wish to use." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:365 inc/options/general.php:400 #: inc/options/general.php:580 msgid "Purge cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:369 inc/options/general.php:754 msgid "Reverse Proxy" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:371 #, php-format msgid "" "Purge policies are set on the Page Cache settings page." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:376 msgid "Enable varnish cache purging" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:380 msgid "Varnish servers:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:384 msgid "" "Specify the IP addresses of your varnish instances above. The VCL's ACL must allow this request." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:410 msgid "" "Manage the cache purge queue via SNS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:414 msgid "SNS region:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:420 msgid "" "Specify the Amazon SNS service endpoint hostname. If empty, then default " "\"\" will be used." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:424 inc/options/general.php:496 #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:10 msgid "API key:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:430 msgid "" "Specify the API Key." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:434 msgid "" "API secret:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:440 msgid "" "Specify the API secret." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:445 msgid "Topic ID:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:452 msgid "Topic:" msgstr "الموضوع:" #: inc/options/general.php:460 msgid "" "Subscribe to the SNS topic." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:472 msgid "Network Performance & Security powered by CloudFlare" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:474 #, php-format msgid "" "CloudFlare protects and accelerates websites. Sign up now for free to get started,\n" " \tor if you have an account simply log in to obtain your API key from the account page to " "enter it below.\n" " \tContact the CloudFlare support team with any questions." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:481 msgid "CloudFlare:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:487 msgid "CloudFlare account email:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:501 msgid "find it here" msgstr "العثور عليه هنا" #: inc/options/general.php:505 msgid "Domain:" msgstr "الدومين:" #: inc/options/general.php:513 msgid "Security level:" msgstr "مستوى الأمان:" #: inc/options/general.php:526 msgid "Rocket Loader:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:539 msgid "Minification:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:552 msgid "Development mode:" msgstr "وضع التطوير: " #: inc/options/general.php:563 msgid "Will automatically turn off at $s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:584 inc/options/common/header.php:93 #: lib/W3/Menus.php:97 lib/W3/Menus.php:98 msgid "Monitoring" msgstr "المراقبة" #: inc/options/general.php:586 #, php-format msgid "" "\n" " New Relic may not be installed on this server. %s. Visit %s " "for installation instructions." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:588 msgid "Sign up for a (free) account" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:594 msgid "The network administrator has not provided the API Key." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:613 #, php-format msgid "Verify %s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:619 msgid "Application name:" msgstr "اسم التطبيق:" #: inc/options/general.php:623 msgid "Obtain application ID via:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:624 msgid "Enter application name below:" msgstr "أدخل اسم التطبيق أدناه:" #: inc/options/general.php:625 msgid "Select from the following list:" msgstr "اختر من القائمة التالية:" #: inc/options/general.php:634 msgid "-- Select Application --" msgstr "-- اختر التطبيق --" #: inc/options/general.php:644 msgid "" "Note: Changing application name may create a new application in New Relic if " "no application with that name already exists." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:650 msgid "Use above application name and ID for all sites in network:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:670 inc/options/common/header.php:94 msgid "Miscellaneous" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:675 msgid "Enable Google Page Speed dashboard widget" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:676 msgid "Display Google Page Speed results on the WordPress dashboard." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:680 msgid "" "Page Speed API Key:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:683 msgid "" "To acquire an API key, visit the APIs Console. Go to the Project Home tab, activate the Page Speed " "Online API, " "and accept the Terms of Service.\n" " Then go to the API Access tab. The API key is in the Simple API Access section." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:690 msgid "Use single network configuration file for all sites." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:691 msgid "" "Only one configuration file for whole network will be created and used. " "Recommended if all sites have the same configuration." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:696 msgid "Hide performance settings" msgstr "إخفاء إعدادات الأداء" #: inc/options/general.php:697 msgid "Prevent sites from independently managing their performance settings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:703 msgid "Nginx server configuration file path" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:706 msgid "If empty the default path will be used.." msgstr "إذا فارغة سيتم استخدام المسار الافتراضي .." #: inc/options/general.php:713 msgid "Verify rewrite rules" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:714 msgid "" "Notify of server configuration errors, if this option is disabled, the " "server configuration for active settings can be found on the install tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:720 msgid "Enable file locking" msgstr "تمكين تأمين الملف" #: inc/options/general.php:721 msgid "" "Not recommended for NFS " "systems." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:727 msgid "" "Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:728 msgid "" "Try this option if your hosting environment uses a network based file system " "for a possible performance improvement." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:740 msgid "" "Detailed information about each cache will be appended in (publicly " "available) HTML " "comments in the page's source code. Performance in this mode will not be " "optimal, use sparingly and disable when not in use." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:744 msgid "Debug Mode:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:749 inc/options/common/header.php:82 #: lib/W3/Menus.php:63 lib/W3/Menus.php:64 msgid "Object Cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:751 inc/options/common/header.php:84 #: lib/W3/Menus.php:70 lib/W3/Menus.php:71 msgid "Fragment Cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:756 inc/options/common/header.php:90 msgid "Amazon SNS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:758 msgid "" "If selected, detailed caching information will be appear at the end of each " "page in a HTML " "comment. View a page's source code to review." msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:773 inc/options/common/header.php:96 msgid "Import / Export Settings" msgstr "اعدادات التصدير / الاستيراد" #: inc/options/general.php:777 msgid "Import configuration:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:780 msgid "Upload" msgstr "رفع" #: inc/options/general.php:781 msgid "Upload and replace the active settings file." msgstr "تحميل واستبدال ملف الإعدادات النشطة." #: inc/options/general.php:785 msgid "Export configuration:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/general.php:787 msgid "Download" msgstr "تحميل" #: inc/options/general.php:788 msgid "Download the active settings file." msgstr "تحميل ملف الإعدادات النشطة." #: inc/options/general.php:792 msgid "Reset configuration:" msgstr "إعادة التهيئة:" #: inc/options/general.php:794 msgid "Restore Default Settings" msgstr "استعادة الإعدادات الافتراضية" #: inc/options/general.php:795 msgid "" "Revert all settings to the defaults. Any settings staged in preview mode " "will not be modified." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:7 msgid "Set the permissions of wp-content/ back to 755, e.g.:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:10 msgid "" "On the \"General\" tab and " "select your caching methods for page, database and minify. In most cases, " "\"disk enhanced\" mode for page cache, \"disk\" mode for minify and \"disk\" " "mode for database caching are \"good\" settings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:11 msgid "" "1. The \"Compatibility Mode\" option found in the advanced section of the " "\"Page Cache Settings\" tab will " "enable functionality that optimizes the interoperablity of caching with " "WordPress, is disabled by default, but highly recommended. Years of testing " "in hundreds of thousands of installations have helped us learn how to make " "caching behave well with WordPress. The tradeoff is that disk enhanced page " "cache performance under load tests will be decreased by ~20% at scale." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:12 msgid "" "Recommended: On the \"Minify\" tab all of the recommended settings are preset. Use the help " "button to simplify discovery of your CSS and JS files and " "groups. Pay close attention to the method and location of your JS group embeddings. See the plugin's FAQ for more information on usage." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:13 msgid "" "Recommended: On the \"Browser Cache\" tab, HTTP compression is enabled by default. Make sure to enable " "other options to suit your goals." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:14 msgid "" "Recommended: If you already have a content delivery network " "(CDN) provider, " "proceed to the \"Content Delivery " "Network\" tab and populate the fields and set your preferences. If you " "do not use the Media Library, you will need to import your images etc into " "the default locations. Use the Media Library Import Tool on the \"Content " "Delivery Network\" tab to perform this task. If you do not have a CDN provider, you can still " "improve your site's performance using the \"Self-hosted\" method. On your " "own server, create a subdomain and matching DNS Zone record; e.g. and configure " "FTP options on the " "\"Content Delivery Network\" tab accordingly. Be sure to FTP upload the appropriate files, using " "the available upload buttons." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:15 msgid "" "Optional: On the \"Database " "Cache\" tab the recommended settings are preset. If using a shared " "hosting account use the \"disk\" method with caution; in either of these " "cases the response time of the disk may not be fast enough, so this option " "is disabled by default." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:16 msgid "" "Optional: On the \"Object Cache\" tab the recommended settings are preset. If using a " "shared hosting account use the \"disk\" method with caution, the response " "time of the disk may not be fast enough, so this option is disabled by " "default. Test this option with and without database cache to ensure that it " "provides a performance increase." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:17 msgid "" "Optional: On the \"User " "Agent Groups\" tab, specify any user agents, like mobile phones if a " "mobile theme is used." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:21 msgid "" "Check out the FAQ " "for more details on usage" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:26 msgid "Rewrite rules" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:34 msgid "" "Software Installation for Dedicated / Virtual Dedicated / Multiple Servers " "(Optional)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:36 msgid "" "Server Preparation:
    Time required: ~1 minute" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:40 msgid "" "Install yum if " "you don't already have it. Then, if you like, you can update all of your " "installed software, but do so only if you have the experience and time to " "double check configurations afterwards:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:44 msgid "" "Install PECL:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:48 msgid "" "Install the PHP " "Development package:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:52 msgid "Install apxs with the following command:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:56 msgid "Make sure GCC is up-to-date:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:60 msgid "Make sure ZLIB is fully installed:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:64 msgid "Make sure PCRE is fully installed:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:71 msgid "" "Memcached (Daemon) Installation:

    Time required: 2 minutes" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:75 msgid "Try to install with yum:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:78 msgid "" "If this succeeds skip to #5. If this fails, then let's compile. Download and " "extract the latest stable version:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:82 inc/options/install.php:100 msgid "Let's compile:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:86 msgid "In the output you should see:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:87 #, php-format msgid "Libraries have been installed in: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:88 msgid "If so you can:" msgstr "إذا كان الأمر كذلك، يمكنك:" #: inc/options/install.php:92 msgid "Configure your server for the new install:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:96 msgid "" "Now find the latest " "stable memcached, download and extract:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:104 msgid "Make sure memcached is starts automatically on server boot:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:112 msgid "And finally, let's start memcached:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:119 msgid "" "PECL " "Memcache Module Installation:
    Time required: 1 minute" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:123 msgid "" "Either use PECL " "(and skip to #4 if successful):" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:127 msgid "" "Or via compilation. Download the latest stable version and extract:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:131 msgid "Now we start to compile:" msgstr "الآن نبدأ في تجميع:" #: inc/options/install.php:135 msgid "You can also use the memcache.ini file we prepared for you:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:139 msgid "Finally restart apache:" msgstr "أخيرا إعادة تشغيل الاباتشي:" #: inc/options/install.php:143 msgid "" "You're done! Memcache should now be available. If the following command " "retuns anything, you're all set:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:150 msgid "" "PECL " "Alternative PHP Cache (APC) Installation (Recommended):
    Time required: 1 " "minute" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:154 msgid "" "Install APC using the " "PECL command " "(and skip to #5 if successful):" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:158 msgid "" "Or via compilation. Download the latest stable version and extract:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:162 msgid "Note the paths returned for the following commands:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:167 msgid "" "Use the output from #2 to modify the --with-apxs and --with-php-config flags " "in the following compile command:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:170 #, php-format msgid "Installing shared extensions: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:173 msgid "You can also use the apc.ini file we prepared for you:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:177 inc/options/install.php:210 #: inc/options/install.php:243 msgid "Restart apache when ready:" msgstr "إعادة تشغيل اباتشي عندما تكون جاهزا:" #: inc/options/install.php:181 msgid "" "You're done! APC should " "now be available. If the following command retuns anything, you're all set:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:188 msgid "" "XCache Installation:
    Time required: 1 minute" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:192 msgid "" "Download the latest compatible version and extract:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:196 inc/options/install.php:229 msgid "Note the path returned for the following command:" msgstr "لاحظ المسار عاد للأمر التالي:" #: inc/options/install.php:200 inc/options/install.php:233 msgid "" "Use the output from #2 to modify the --with-php-config flag in the following " "compile command:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:202 inc/options/install.php:235 msgid "The result should be similar to:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:206 inc/options/install.php:239 msgid "You can also use the eaccelerator.ini file we prepared for you:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:214 msgid "" "You're done! XCache should now be available. If the following command retuns " "anything, you're all set:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:221 msgid "" "eAccelerator Installation:
    Time required: 1 " "minute" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:225 msgid "" "If using PHP v5+, " "download the lastest " "compatible version and extract. Remember v0.9.5.3 is the last version " "that supports user objects, later versions only support opcode caching." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:247 msgid "" "You're done! eAccelerator should now be available. If the following command " "retuns anything, you're all set:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:274 msgid "" "The provided instructions are for 32-bit CentOS, however we can provide " "others based on your " "requests." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:275 msgid "" "Best compatibility with IIS is realized via WebMatrix, which also includes the supported WinCache opcode cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:276 msgid "" "In the case where Apache is not used, the .htaccess file located in the root " "directory of the WordPress installation, wp-content/w3tc/pgcache/.htaccess " "and wp-content/w3tc/min/.htaccess contain directives that must be manually " "created for your web server software." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:277 msgid "" "Restarting the web server will empty the opcode cache, which means it will " "have to be rebuilt over time and your site's performance will suffer during " "this period. Still, an opcode cache should be installed in any case to " "maximize WordPress performance." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:278 msgid "" "Consider using memcached for objects that must persist across web server " "restarts or that you wish to share amongst your pool of servers (or " "cluster), e.g.: database objects or page cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/install.php:279 msgid "" "Some yum or mirrors may not have the necessary packages, in such cases you " "may have to do a manual installation." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:16 #, php-format msgid "Minify via %s is currently %s." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:20 #, php-format msgid "To rebuild the minify cache use the %s operation." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:24 msgid "Get minify hints using the" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:25 msgid "help" msgstr "مساعدة" #: inc/options/minify.php:26 msgid "wizard." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:28 #, php-format msgid "" "%s to make existing file modifications visible to visitors with a primed " "cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:40 msgid "" "Rewrite URL structure" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:41 msgid "" "If disabled, CSS and " "JS embeddings will use GET variables " "instead of \"fancy\" links." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:46 msgid "Disable minify for logged in users" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:47 msgid "" "Authenticated users will not receive minified pages if this option is " "enabled." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:52 msgid "Minify error notification:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:59 msgid "Admin Notification" msgstr "اشعارات المسوؤل" #: inc/options/minify.php:60 msgid "Email Notification" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:61 msgid "Both Admin & Email Notification" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:63 msgid "Notify when minify cache creation errors occur." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:74 inc/options/common/header.php:119 #: inc/options/common/header.php:153 msgid "" "HTML & XML" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:77 msgid "" "HTML minify settings:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:80 msgid "" "Inline CSS minification" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:81 msgid "Inline JS minification" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:82 msgid "Don't minify feeds" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:100 msgid "Ignored comment stems:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:105 msgid "Do not remove comments that contain these terms." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:130 inc/options/common/header.php:120 msgid "JS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:133 msgid "JS minify settings:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:136 msgid "Operations in areas:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:138 msgid "Embed type:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:140 msgid "Before </head>" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:141 inc/options/minify.php:155 #: inc/options/minify.php:166 inc/options/minify.php:290 msgid "Combine only" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:143 inc/options/minify.php:157 #: inc/options/minify.php:168 msgid "Default (blocking)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:144 inc/options/minify.php:158 #: inc/options/minify.php:169 msgid "Non-blocking using JS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:145 inc/options/minify.php:159 #: inc/options/minify.php:170 msgid "Non-blocking using \"async\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:146 inc/options/minify.php:160 #: inc/options/minify.php:171 msgid "Non-blocking using \"defer\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:148 inc/options/minify.php:161 #: inc/options/minify.php:172 msgid "Non-blocking using \"extsrc\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:149 inc/options/minify.php:162 #: inc/options/minify.php:173 msgid "Non-blocking using \"asyncsrc\"" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:154 msgid "After <body>" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:165 msgid "Before </body>" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:211 msgid "JS file management:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:215 inc/options/minify.php:340 #: inc/options/mobile.php:45 inc/options/referrer.php:45 msgid "Theme:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:223 msgid "" "Files are minified by template. First select the theme to manage, then add " "scripts used in all templates to the \"All Templates\" group. Use the menu " "above to manage scripts unique to a specific template. If necessary drag " "& drop to resolve dependency issues (due to incorrect order)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:260 inc/options/minify.php:377 #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:41 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:19 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:28 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:52 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:61 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:82 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:91 msgid "Delete" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:271 msgid "No JS files added" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:272 msgid "Add a script" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:284 inc/options/common/header.php:121 msgid "CSS" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:287 msgid "CSS minify settings:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:309 msgid "@import handling:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:336 msgid "CSS file management:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:348 msgid "" "Files are minified by template. First select the theme to manage, then add " "style sheets used in all templates to the \"All Templates\" group. Use the " "menu above to manage style sheets unique to a specific template. If " "necessary drag & drop to resolve dependency issues (due to incorrect " "order)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:388 msgid "No CSS files added" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:389 msgid "Add a style sheet" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:405 msgid "Disable Minify Auto automatic filename test" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:406 msgid "" "Disables functionality that tries to find optimal filename length for Minify " "Auto files. Needs to be checked to be able to set manual filename length " "below." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:410 msgid "" "Maximum filename length to enter is 246. Change this value to decrease or\n" " increase the number of minified files that are generated.\n" " The more JS/CSS files you have the more files will be " "generated since the filenames are combined in\n" " the filename. This is only applicable when using Minify Auto." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:433 msgid "Update external files every:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:438 msgid "" "Specify the interval between download and update of external files in the " "minify cache. Hint: 6 hours is 21600 seconds. 12 hours is 43200 seconds. 24 " "hours is 86400 seconds." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:451 msgid "Never minify the following pages:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:455 msgid "Always ignore the specified pages / directories." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:459 msgid "Never minify the following JS files:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:463 msgid "Always ignore the specified JS files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:467 msgid "Never minify the following CSS files:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:471 msgid "Always ignore the specified CSS files." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:480 msgid "Specify user agents that will never receive minified content." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:485 msgid "Include external files/libraries:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:490 msgid "Specify external files/libraries that should be combined." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:507 msgid "" "Enable HTTP " "compression in the \"Cascading Style Sheets & JavaScript\" section on Browser Cache Settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify.php:508 msgid "" "The TTL of page cache files is set " "via the \"Expires header lifetime\" field in the \"Cascading Style Sheets " "& JavaScript\" section on Browser Cache Settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:12 msgid "" "User agent group support is always enabled." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:17 inc/options/common/header.php:163 msgid "Manage User Agent Groups" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:19 inc/options/referrer.php:19 msgid "Create a group" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:19 msgid "" "of user agents by specifying names in the user agents field. Assign a set of " "user agents to use a specific theme, redirect them to another domain or if " "an existing mobile plugin is active, create user agent groups to ensure that " "a unique cache is created for each user agent group. Drag and drop groups " "into order (if needed) to determine their priority (top -> down)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:28 inc/options/referrer.php:28 msgid "Group name:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:36 inc/options/referrer.php:36 msgid "Enabled:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:54 msgid "" "Assign this group of user agents to a specific theme. Selecting \"Pass-" "through\" allows any plugin(s) (e.g. mobile plugins) to properly handle " "requests for these user agents. If the \"redirect users to\" field is not " "empty, this setting is ignored." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:59 inc/options/referrer.php:59 msgid "Redirect users to:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:63 msgid "" "A 302 redirect is used to send this group of users to another hostname " "(domain); recommended if a 3rd party service provides a mobile version of " "your site." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:68 msgid "User agents:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:72 msgid "" "Specify the user agents for this group. Remember to escape special " "characters like spaces, dots or dashes with a backslash. Regular expressions " "are also supported." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:79 msgid "" "No groups added. All user agents recieve the same page and minify cache " "results." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:92 msgid "" "Enabling even a single user agent group will set a cookie called " "\"w3tc_referrer.\" It is used to ensure a consistent user experience across " "page views. Make sure any reverse proxy servers etc respect this cookie for " "proper operation." msgstr "" #: inc/options/mobile.php:93 msgid "" "Per the above, make sure that visitors are notified about the cookie as per " "any regulations in your market." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:4 msgid "Monitoring via New Relic is currently" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:8 msgid "Application Settings" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:67 #, php-format msgid "" "Application settings could not be retrieved. New Relic may not be properly " "configured, review the settings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:69 msgid "Application settings are only visible when New Relic is enabled" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:75 msgid "Dashboard Settings" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:78 msgid "Cache time:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:81 msgid "" "How many minutes data retrieved from New Relic should be stored. Minimum is " "1 minute." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:92 msgid "Behavior Settings" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:96 msgid "" "Use RUM only for following " "user roles" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:97 msgid "" "Select user roles that RUM " "should be enabled for:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:112 msgid "" "Include RUM in compressed " "or cached pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:118 msgid "" "This enables inclusion of RUM when using Page Cache together with Browser Cache gzip or when " "using Page Cache with Disc: Enhanced" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:125 msgid "Prefix network sites:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:129 msgid "Include network sites stats in network:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:134 msgid "" "This means that the data collected for sites in the network will be included " "in the main network sites data on New Relic." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:141 msgid "Use PHP function to set application name:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:146 msgid "" "This is required when using New Relic on a network install to set the proper " "names for sites." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:151 msgid "" "Enable this to dynamically set proper application name. (See New Relic Per-directory " "settings for other methods." msgstr "" #: inc/options/new_relic.php:157 msgid "Enable XMIT" msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:7 #, php-format msgid "Object caching via %1$s is currently %2$s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:38 msgid "Default lifetime of cache objects:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:54 msgid "Global groups:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:58 msgid "Groups shared amongst sites in network mode." msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:62 msgid "Non-persistent groups:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:66 msgid "Groups that should not be cached." msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:72 msgid "Flush all cache on post, comment etc changes." msgstr "" #: inc/options/objectcache.php:73 msgid "" "Enabling this option will increase load on server on certain actions but " "will guarantee that\n" " the Object Cache is always clean and contains latest " "changes. Enable if you are experiencing issues\n" " with options displaying wrong value/state (checkboxes " "etc)." msgstr "" # php-format #: inc/options/pgcache.php:7 #, php-format msgid "Page caching via %1$s is currently %2$s" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:15 #, php-format msgid "To rebuild the page cache use the %s operation" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:28 msgid "Cache front page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:28 msgid "Cache posts page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:29 msgid "" "For many blogs this is your most visited page, it is recommended that you " "cache it." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:35 msgid "Don't cache front page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:36 msgid "" "By default the front page is cached when using static front page in reading " "settings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:42 msgid "Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:43 msgid "" "Even if using a feed proxy service (like FeedBurner), enabling this option is " "still recommended." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:48 msgid "" "Cache SSL (https) requests" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:49 msgid "" "Cache SSL requests " "(uniquely) for improved performance." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:54 msgid "" "Cache URIs with " "query string variables" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:55 msgid "Search result (and similar) pages will be cached if enabled." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:60 msgid "Cache 404 (not found) pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:61 msgid "" "Reduce server load by caching 404 pages. If the disk enhanced method of disk " "caching is used, 404 pages will be returned with a 200 response code. Use at " "your own risk." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:66 #, php-format msgid "Cache requests only for %s site address" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:67 msgid "" "Cache only requests with the same URL as the site's site address." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:72 msgid "Don't cache pages for logged in users" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:73 msgid "" "Unauthenticated users may view a cached version of the last authenticated " "user's view of a given page. Disabling this option is not recommended." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:78 msgid "Don't cache pages for following user roles" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:79 msgid "Select user roles that should not receive cached pages:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:99 inc/options/common/header.php:107 msgid "Cache Preload" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:103 msgid "Automatically prime the page cache" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:107 msgid "Update interval:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:112 msgid "" "The number of seconds to wait before creating another set of cached pages." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:116 msgid "Pages per interval:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:121 msgid "" "Limit the number of pages to create per batch. Fewer pages may be better for " "under-powered servers." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:125 msgid "Sitemap URL:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:130 msgid "" "A compliant sitemap can be used to specify the pages to " "maintain in the primed cache. Pages will be cached according to the " "priorities specified in the XML file. Due to its completeness and integrations, WordPress SEO is recommended for use with this feature." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:135 msgid "Prime post cache on publish." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:151 msgid "Purge Policy: " msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:161 inc/options/pgcache.php:163 msgid "Front page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:163 msgid "Posts page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:164 msgid "Post page" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:165 msgid "Blog feed" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:168 msgid "Post comments pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:169 msgid "Post author pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:170 msgid "Post terms pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:173 msgid "Post comments feed" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:174 msgid "Post author feed" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:175 msgid "Post terms feeds" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:178 msgid "Daily archive pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:179 msgid "Monthly archive pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:180 msgid "Yearly archive pages" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:188 msgid "Specify the feed types to purge:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:203 msgid "Limit page purging:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:206 msgid "" "Specify number of pages that lists posts (archive etc) that should be purged " "on post updates etc, i.e ...
    0 means " "all pages that lists posts are purged, i.e ... ." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:210 msgid "Additional pages:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:215 msgid "" "Specify additional pages to purge. Including parent page in path. Ex: parent/" "posts." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:219 msgid "Purge sitemaps:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:222 msgid "Specify a regular expression that matches your sitemaps." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:253 msgid "Compatibility mode" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:255 msgid "Enable compatibility mode" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:256 msgid "" "Decreases performance by ~20% at scale in exchange for increasing " "interoperability with more hosting environments and WordPress " "idiosyncrasies. This option should be enabled for most sites" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:261 msgid "Charset:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:263 msgid "Remove UTF8/blog charset support" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:264 msgid "" "Check if you have odd characters or incorrect punctuation when viewing " "cached pages." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:290 msgid "Comment cookie lifetime:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:293 msgid "" "Significantly reduce the default TTL for comment cookies to reduce the number of authenticated user " "traffic. Enter -1 to revert to default TTL." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:297 msgid "Accepted query strings:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:302 msgid "Always cache URLs with these query strings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:311 msgid "Never send cache pages for these user agents." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:315 msgid "Rejected cookies:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:320 msgid "Never cache pages that use the specified cookies." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:332 #, php-format msgid "" "Always ignore the specified pages / directories. Supports regular expression " "(See FAQ)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:338 msgid "Reject HEAD request method:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:345 msgid "Do not cache HEAD request." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:349 msgid "Cache exception list:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:354 #, php-format msgid "" "Cache the specified pages / directories even if listed in the \"never cache " "the following pages\" field. Supports regular expression (See FAQ)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:359 msgid "Non-trailing slash pages:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:364 msgid "Cache the specified pages even if they don't have tailing slash." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:369 msgid "Specify page headers:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:374 msgid "Specify additional page headers to cache." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:379 msgid "" "Handle XML mime type" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:381 msgid "Handle XML mime type" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:382 msgid "" "Return correct Content-Type header for XML files. Slows down cache engine." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:394 inc/options/common/header.php:109 #: inc/options/common/header.php:123 inc/options/common/header.php:184 msgid "Note(s)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:399 msgid "" "Enable HTTP " "compression in the \"HTML\" section on Browser " "Cache Settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pgcache.php:400 msgid "" "The TTL of page cache files is set " "via the \"Expires header lifetime\" field in the \"HTML\" section on Browser Cache Settings tab." msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:12 msgid "Referrer group support is always enabled" msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:17 inc/options/common/header.php:172 msgid "Manage Referrer Groups" msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:19 msgid "" "of referrers by specifying names in the referrers field. Assign a set of " "referrers to use a specific theme, redirect them to another domain, create " "referrer groups to ensure that a unique cache is created for each referrer " "group. Drag and drop groups into order (if needed) to determine their " "priority (top -> down)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:31 msgid "Delete group" msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:49 msgid "-- Pass-through --" msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:54 msgid "" "Assign this group of referrers to a specific theme. Selecting \"Pass-through" "\" allows any plugin(s) (e.g. referrer plugins) to properly handle requests " "for these referrers. If the \"redirect users to\" field is not empty, this " "setting is ignored." msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:63 msgid "" "A 302 redirect is used to send this group of referrers to another hostname " "(domain)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:68 msgid "Referrers:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:72 msgid "" "Specify the referrers for this group. Remember to escape special characters " "like spaces, dots or dashes with a backslash. Regular expressions are also " "supported." msgstr "" #: inc/options/referrer.php:79 msgid "" "No groups added. All referrers recieve the same page and minify cache " "results." msgstr "" #: inc/options/support.php:9 msgid "" "Request premium services, suggest a feature or submit a bug using the form " "below:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:3 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:3 #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:3 msgid "Username:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:10 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:10 msgid "Password:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:17 msgid "Email notification:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:22 msgid "" "Specify email addresses for completed removal notifications. One email per " "line." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:26 msgid "Domain to purge:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:35 msgid "Purge action:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:44 msgid "SSL support:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:47 inc/options/cdn/att.php:20 #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:29 inc/options/cdn/cf.php:34 #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:34 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:27 #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:20 inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:42 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:47 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:6 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:47 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:39 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:33 msgid "Auto (determine connection type automatically)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:48 inc/options/cdn/att.php:21 #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:30 inc/options/cdn/cf.php:35 #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:35 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:28 #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:21 inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:43 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:48 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:7 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:48 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:40 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:34 msgid "Enabled (always use SSL)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:49 inc/options/cdn/att.php:22 #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:31 inc/options/cdn/cf.php:36 #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:36 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:29 #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:22 inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:44 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:49 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:8 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:49 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:41 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:35 msgid "Disabled (always use HTTP)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:51 inc/options/cdn/att.php:24 #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:33 inc/options/cdn/cf.php:38 #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:38 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:31 #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:24 inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:46 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:51 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:10 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:51 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:43 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:37 msgid "" "Some CDN providers may or may not support SSL, contact your vendor for more " "information." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:55 inc/options/cdn/att.php:28 #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:37 inc/options/cdn/cf.php:42 #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:42 inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:35 #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:28 inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:50 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:55 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:14 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:55 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:47 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:41 msgid "Replace site's hostname with:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:58 inc/options/cdn/att.php:31 #: inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:38 inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:31 #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:58 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:17 #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:58 msgid "" "Enter the hostname provided by your CDN provider, this " "value will replace your site's hostname in the HTML." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/akamai.php:63 msgid "Test akamai" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/att.php:3 inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:3 msgid "Account #:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/att.php:10 inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:10 msgid "Token:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/att.php:17 inc/options/cdn/azure.php:26 #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:31 inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:31 #: inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:24 inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:17 #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:39 inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:3 #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:36 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:30 msgid "SSL support:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:3 msgid "Account name:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:10 msgid "Account key:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:17 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:26 msgid "Container:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:21 inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:31 msgid "Create container" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:43 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:47 msgid "or CNAME:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/azure.php:49 msgid "Test Microsoft Azure Storage upload" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:4 inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:4 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:4 msgid "" "We recommend that you use IAM " "to create a new policy for AWS services that have limited permissions. A helpful tool: AWS Policy Generator" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:8 inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:8 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:8 msgid "Access key ID:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:15 inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:15 #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:15 msgid "Secret key:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:22 inc/options/cdn/s3.php:22 msgid "Bucket:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:27 msgid "Create bucket & distribution" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:47 inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:47 msgid "" "If you have already added a CNAME to your DNS Zone, enter it here." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf.php:52 msgid "Test S3 upload & CloudFront distribution" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:22 msgid "Origin:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:26 msgid "Create distribution" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cf2.php:52 msgid "Test CloudFront distribution" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:17 msgid "Zones to purge:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/cotendo.php:43 msgid "Test Cotendo" msgstr "اختبار Cotendo" #: inc/options/cdn/edgecast.php:36 msgid "Test EdgeCast" msgstr "اختبار EdgeCast" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:4 msgid "" "Use passive FTP mode" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:5 msgid "" "Enable this option only if there are connectivity issues, otherwise it's not " "recommended." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:9 msgid "FTP hostname:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:13 msgid "" "Specify the server's address, e.g.: \"\". Try \"\" if " "using a sub-domain on the same server as your site." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:17 msgid "FTP username:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:24 msgid "FTP password:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:31 msgid "FTP path:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:35 msgid "" "Specify the directory where files must be uploaded to be accessible in a web " "browser (the document root)." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:53 msgid "" "Enter the hostname or CNAME(s) of your FTP server configured above, these values will replace " "your site's hostname in the HTML." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/ftp.php:58 msgid "Test FTP server" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:4 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:4 msgid "Select pull zone:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:12 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:12 msgid "Select the pull zone to use with this site." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:18 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:18 msgid "Create pull zone:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:18 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:18 msgid "Create new pull zone:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:20 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:20 msgid "Create pull zone" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:20 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:20 msgid "Create new pull zone" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:22 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:22 msgid "" "Click the Create Pull Zone button above and create a pull zone for this site." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:27 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:27 msgid "Specify account credentials:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:29 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:29 #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:13 inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:17 msgid "Authorize" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:31 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:31 msgid "" "Click the Authorize button above, log in, paste the key below and save " "settings." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:36 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:36 #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:16 inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:20 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:318 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:338 msgid "Authorization key" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:40 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:40 msgid "" "Consists of alias+key+secret . Example: bluewidgets+asd897asd98a7sd" "+798a7sd9 . If you use \"Authorize\" its already formatted correctly." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:44 inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:44 msgid "SSL support" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/maxcdn.php:63 msgid "Test MaxCDN" msgstr "اختبار MaxCDN" #: inc/options/cdn/mirror.php:22 msgid "Test Mirror" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/netdna.php:63 msgid "Test NetDNA" msgstr "اختبار NetDNA" #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:17 msgid "Location:" msgstr "الموقع:" #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:50 msgid "" "Enter the hostname provided by Rackspace Cloud Files, this value will " "replace your site's hostname in the HTML." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/rscf.php:55 msgid "Test Cloud Files upload" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:49 msgid "" "If you have already added a CNAME to your DNS Zone, enter it here." msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/s3.php:54 msgid "Test S3 upload" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:16 msgid "(reserved for CSS)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:20 msgid "(reserved for JS in )" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:24 msgid "(reserved for JS after )" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:28 msgid "(reserved for JS before )" msgstr "" #: inc/options/cdn/common/cnames.php:46 msgid "Add CNAME" msgstr "إضافة CNAME" #: inc/options/common/header.php:11 msgid "W3 Total Cache by W3 EDGE ®" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:22 inc/options/common/header.php:41 msgid "" "The following configuration changes are needed to ensure optimal performance:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:31 msgid "If permission allow this can be done automatically, by clicking here:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:51 msgid "" "If permission allow this can be done using the FTP form below." msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:76 inc/options/common/header.php:116 #: inc/options/common/header.php:130 inc/options/common/header.php:140 #: inc/options/common/header.php:149 inc/options/common/header.php:161 #: inc/options/common/header.php:170 msgid "Jump to: " msgstr "انتقل الى:" #: inc/options/common/header.php:77 inc/options/common/header.php:104 #: inc/options/common/header.php:117 inc/options/common/header.php:131 #: inc/options/common/header.php:141 inc/options/common/header.php:150 #: inc/options/common/header.php:162 inc/options/common/header.php:171 #: inc/options/common/header.php:180 msgid "Main Menu" msgstr "القائمة الرئيسية" #: inc/options/common/header.php:88 msgid "Varnish" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:92 msgid "Cloudflare" msgstr "Cloudflare" #: inc/options/common/header.php:95 msgid "Debug" msgstr "تصحيح" #: inc/options/common/header.php:108 msgid "Purge Policy" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:154 msgid "Media" msgstr "" #: inc/options/common/header.php:179 msgid "Jump to:" msgstr "انتقل الى:" #: inc/options/common/help.php:3 msgid "" "Request professional support or troubleshoot issues using the common " "questions below:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/enterprise/dbcluster-config.php:6 msgid "Database Cluster Configuration File" msgstr "" #: inc/options/enterprise/dbcluster-config.php:15 msgid "" "Note: Changes will have immediate effect on your database configuration. If " "the application stops working creating the settings file, edit or remove " "this configuration file manually at /wp-content/db-cluster-config." "php." msgstr "" #: inc/options/enterprise/dbcluster-config.php:23 msgid "Save configuration file" msgstr "" #: inc/options/extensions/custom.php:15 inc/options/extensions/plugins.php:15 #: inc/options/extensions/theme.php:18 #, fuzzy msgid "Save settings" msgstr "حفظ كافة الإعدادات" #: inc/options/extensions/custom.php:20 msgid "No custom W3 Total Cache extensions" msgstr "" #: inc/options/extensions/plugins.php:20 msgid "No plugins have W3 Total Cache extensions" msgstr "" #: inc/options/extensions/theme.php:23 msgid "This theme does not have W3 Total Cache extensions" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:8 msgid "Whitespace only" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:9 msgid "Simple optimizations" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:10 msgid "Advanced optimizations" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:16 inc/options/minify/yuicss2.php:3 #: inc/options/minify/yuijs2.php:3 msgid "Path to JAVA executable:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:23 inc/options/minify/yuicss2.php:9 #: inc/options/minify/yuijs2.php:10 msgid "Path to JAR file:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:32 msgid "Test Closure Compiler" msgstr "اختبار إغلاق المحول البرمجي" #: inc/options/minify/ccjs2.php:37 msgid "Compilation level:" msgstr "مستوى التجميع:" #: inc/options/minify/css.php:2 inc/options/minify/js.php:2 msgid "Preserved comment removal (not applied when combine only is active)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/css.php:3 msgid "Line break removal (not applied when combine only is active)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:15 msgid "Remove unnecessary backslashes" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:16 msgid "Compress colors" msgstr "ضغط الألوان" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:17 msgid "Compress font-weight" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:18 msgid "Lowercase selectors" msgstr "محددات الأحرف الصغيرة" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:19 msgid "Remove last ;" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:20 msgid "Sort Properties" msgstr "فرز الخصائص" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:21 msgid "Sort Selectors (caution)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:22 msgid "Discard invalid properties" msgstr "تجاهل الخصائص الغير صالحة" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:29 msgid "Preserve CSS" msgstr "المحافظة CSS" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy.php:30 msgid "Add timestamp" msgstr "إضافة الطابع الزمني" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:8 msgid "Highest (no readability, smallest size)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:9 msgid "High (moderate readability, smaller size)" msgstr "عالية (قراءة معتدلة، حجم أصغر)" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:10 msgid "Standard (balance between readability and size)" msgstr "القياسية (التوازن بين سهولة القراءة والحجم)" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:11 msgid "Low (higher readability)" msgstr "منخفضة (أعلى قراءة)" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:15 msgid "Don't optimise" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:16 msgid "Safe optimisations" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:17 msgid "All optimisations" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:21 msgid "None" msgstr "بلا" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:22 msgid "Lowercase" msgstr "أحرف صغيرة" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:23 msgid "Uppercase" msgstr "حروف كبيرة" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:27 msgid "Do not change anything" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:28 msgid "Only seperate selectors (split at ,)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:29 msgid "Merge selectors with the same properties (fast)" msgstr "دمج المحددات مع نفس الخصائص (سريع)" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:38 msgid "Compression:" msgstr "الضغط:" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:49 msgid "Optimize shorthands:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:60 msgid "Case for properties:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/csstidy2.php:71 msgid "Regroup selectors:" msgstr "إعادة تجميع المحددات:" #: inc/options/minify/html.php:2 msgid "Line break removal" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/htmltidy.php:2 msgid "Clean" msgstr "تنظيف" #: inc/options/minify/htmltidy.php:3 msgid "Hide comments" msgstr "إخفاء التعليقات" #: inc/options/minify/htmltidy2.php:3 msgid "Wrap after:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/js.php:3 msgid "Line break removal (not safe, not applied when combine only is active)" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuicss2.php:17 inc/options/minify/yuijs2.php:19 msgid "Test YUI Compressor" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuicss2.php:22 inc/options/minify/yuijs2.php:24 msgid "Line break after:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuijs.php:2 msgid "Minify only, do not obfuscate local symbols" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuijs.php:3 msgid "Preserve unnecessary semicolons" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuijs.php:4 msgid "Disable all the built-in micro optimizations" msgstr "" #: inc/options/minify/yuijs2.php:28 msgid "symbols (set to 0 to disable)" msgstr "الرموز (ضع 0 للتعطيل)" # php-format #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:6 #, php-format msgid "Fragment caching via %s is currently %s." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:10 msgid "Empty the entire cache" msgstr "إفراغ ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت بالكامل" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:11 msgid "if needed." msgstr "إذا لزم الأمر." #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:17 inc/widget/new_relic.php:11 msgid "Overview" msgstr "استعراض" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:20 msgid "Registered fragment groups:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:27 msgid "Groups that will be flushed on actions." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:32 msgid "Registered site wide fragment groups:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:39 msgid "Site wide groups that will be flushed on actions." msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:61 msgid "Default lifetime of cached fragments:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:75 msgid "Manual fragment groups:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/pro/fragmentcache.php:80 msgid "" "Specify fragment groups that should be handled. One per line Actions to be " "performed is entered on same line comma delimited. (group, action1, " "action2). The prefix used for a transient in theme or plugin." msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form.php:11 msgid "" "All submitted data will not be saved and is used solely for the purposes " "your support request. You will not be added to a mailing list, solicited " "without your permission, nor will your site be administered after this " "support case is closed." msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form.php:12 msgid "" "Instead of providing your primary administrative or SSH / FTP accounts, create a new administrator account that can be disabled " "when the support case is closed." msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form.php:13 msgid "" "Please add the domain to your email whitelist as soon as possible." msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form.php:25 msgid "Submit request" msgstr "إرسال الطلب" #: inc/options/support/payment.php:4 msgid "Make Payment" msgstr "إجراء الدفع" #: inc/options/support/payment.php:8 #, php-format msgid "Price: %.2f USD" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/payment.php:20 inc/widget/services.php:10 msgid "Buy now" msgstr "الشراء الآن" #: inc/options/support/select.php:3 msgid "Choose Request Type" msgstr "اختر نوع الطلب" #: inc/options/support/select.php:6 inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:5 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:5 msgid "Request type:" msgstr "نوع الطلب:" #: inc/options/support/select.php:9 msgid "-- Choose Type --" msgstr "- اختر النوع -" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:2 msgid "Required Information" msgstr "بيانات إلزامية" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:9 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:9 msgid "Blog URL:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:17 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:17 msgid "E-Mail:" msgstr "البريد الإلكتروني:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:21 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:21 msgid "Twitter ID:" msgstr "Twitter ID:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:25 msgid "Subject:" msgstr "الموضوع:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:33 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:29 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:29 msgid "Issue description:" msgstr "وصف المشكلة:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:33 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:33 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:37 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:33 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:33 msgid "Attach template:" msgstr "إرفاق قالب:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:41 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:41 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:33 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:45 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:41 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:41 msgid "Attach file:" msgstr "إرفاق الملف:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:44 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:44 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:36 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:48 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:44 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:44 msgid "Attach more files" msgstr "إرفاق ملفات أخرى" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:50 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:50 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:62 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:35 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:54 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:58 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:70 msgid "Additional Information" msgstr "معلومات إضافية" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:53 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:53 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:65 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:38 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:25 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:61 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:73 msgid "Phone:" msgstr "الهاتف:" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:57 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:57 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:42 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:57 msgid "Forum Topic URL:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:61 msgid "WP Admin login:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:65 msgid "WP Admin password:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:69 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:69 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:48 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:69 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:65 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:56 msgid "" "SSH / FTP host:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:73 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:73 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:52 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:73 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:69 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:60 msgid "" "SSH / FTP login:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:77 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:77 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:56 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:77 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:73 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:64 msgid "" "SSH / FTP password:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:82 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:82 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:70 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:47 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:82 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:78 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:78 msgid "Would you like to be notified when products are announced and updated?" msgstr "هل ترغب في أن يتم إعلامك عندما يتم الإعلان عن المنتجات وتحديثها؟" #: inc/options/support/form/bug_report.php:87 #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:87 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:75 #: inc/options/support/form/new_feature.php:52 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:87 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:83 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:83 msgid "Yes, please notify me." msgstr "نعم، الرجاء إبلاغي." #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:61 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:40 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:61 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:48 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:48 msgid "WP Admin login:" msgstr "" #: inc/options/support/form/email_support.php:65 #: inc/options/support/form/linux_config.php:44 #: inc/options/support/form/phone_support.php:65 #: inc/options/support/form/plugin_config.php:52 #: inc/options/support/form/theme_config.php:52 msgid "WP Admin password:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:18 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:11 msgid "" "This tool will upload files of the selected type to content delivery network " "provider." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:21 msgid "Total files:" msgstr "إجمالي الملفات:" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:25 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:18 #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:19 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:18 msgid "Processed:" msgstr "معالجة:" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:29 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:22 #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:23 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:22 msgid "Status:" msgstr "الحالة:" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:33 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:26 #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:27 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:26 msgid "Time elapsed:" msgstr "الوقت المنقضي:" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:37 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:30 #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:31 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:30 msgid "Last response:" msgstr "آخر استجابة:" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_file.php:43 inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:36 #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:47 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:43 msgid "Start" msgstr "بدء" #: inc/popup/cdn_export_library.php:14 msgid "Total media library attachments:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:12 msgid "" "This tool will copy post or page attachments into the Media Library allowing " "WordPress to work as intended." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:15 inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:14 msgid "Total posts:" msgstr "إجمالي المشاركات:" #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:36 msgid "" "Create a list of permanent (301) redirects for use in your site's .htaccess " "file" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:41 msgid "" "Create a list of redirects to CDN (hostname specified in hostname field #1.)" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_import_library.php:58 msgid "" "Add the following directives to your .htaccess file or if there are several " "hundred they should be added directly to your configuration file:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:5 msgid "" "Remove objects from the CDN by specifying the relative path on individual " "lines below and clicking the \"Purge\" button when done. For example:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:11 msgid "the directory itself (only when accessed directly without any file)." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:12 msgid "" "all files in the directory with no extension, with all parameter variations." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:13 msgid "all files in the directory whose extension is \"jpg\"." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:14 msgid "" "the specific file (when the file does not have an extension), and without " "parameters." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:15 msgid "the specific file with its extension, and without parameters." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:16 msgid "the specific file with its extension, with all variation of parameters." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:17 msgid "the specific file with its extension, with the specific parameters." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_purge.php:29 msgid "Files to purge:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:4 msgid "This tool lists the pending file uploads and deletions." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:6 msgid "Upload queue" msgstr "تحميل قائمة انتظار" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:7 msgid "Delete queue" msgstr "حذف قائمة الانتظار" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:8 msgid "Purge queue" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:15 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:48 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:78 msgid "Local Path" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:16 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:49 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:79 msgid "Remote Path" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:17 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:50 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:80 msgid "Last Error" msgstr "الخطأ الأخير" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:18 inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:51 #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:81 msgid "Date" msgstr "التاريخ" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:34 msgid "Empty upload queue" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:37 msgid "Process CDN queue now" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:40 msgid "Upload queue is empty" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:67 msgid "Empty delete queue" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:70 msgid "Delete queue is empty" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:97 msgid "Empty purge queue" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_queue.php:100 msgid "Purge queue is empty" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:11 msgid "" "This tool allows you to modify the URL of Media Library attachments. Use it " "if the \"WordPress address (URL)\" value has been changed in the past." msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:34 msgid "Domains to rename:" msgstr "" #: inc/popup/cdn_rename_domain.php:37 msgid "e.g.:" msgstr "على سبيل المثال:" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:5 msgid "Page Speed Score:" msgstr "نتيجة سرعة الصفحة" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:9 msgid "Expand all" msgstr "إظهار الكل" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:10 msgid "Collapse all" msgstr "طي الكل" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:11 msgid "Refresh analysis" msgstr "تحديث التحليل" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:42 msgid "Resolution:" msgstr "القرار:" #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:50 msgid "Unable to fetch Page Speed results." msgstr "غير قادر على جلب نتائج سرعة الصفحة." #: inc/popup/pagespeed_results.php:52 msgid "Refresh Analysis" msgstr "تحديث التحليل" #: inc/widget/latest.php:3 inc/widget/latest_news.php:3 msgid "Loading…" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/latest.php:6 inc/widget/latest_news.php:6 msgid "This widget requires JavaScript." msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:16 inc/widget/netdna.php:16 #, php-format msgid "Status: %s" msgstr "الحالة: %s" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:17 inc/widget/netdna.php:17 #, php-format msgid "Content Zone: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:23 inc/widget/netdna.php:23 msgid "Manage" msgstr "الإدارة" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:24 inc/widget/netdna.php:24 msgid "Reports" msgstr "التقارير" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:29 inc/widget/netdna.php:29 msgid "Reports - 30 days" msgstr "تقارير - 30 يوم" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:31 inc/widget/netdna.php:31 #, php-format msgid "Transferred: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:32 inc/widget/netdna.php:32 #, php-format msgid "Cache Hits: %d (%d%%)" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:34 inc/widget/netdna.php:34 #, php-format msgid "Cache Misses (non-cache hits): %d (%d%%)" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:39 inc/widget/netdna.php:39 msgid "Requests" msgstr "الطلبات" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:41 inc/widget/netdna.php:41 msgid "Content Breakdown" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:43 inc/widget/netdna.php:43 msgid "File" msgstr "ملف" #: inc/widget/maxcdn.php:44 inc/widget/netdna.php:44 msgid "Hits" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:4 #, php-format msgid "" "MaxCDN encountered an error trying to retrieve data, make sure your host " "support cURL and outgoing requests: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:7 msgid "New customers" msgstr "عملاء جدد" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:8 msgid "" "MaxCDN is a service that lets you speed up your site even more with W3 Total " "Cache." msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:9 msgid "Sign up" msgstr "الاشتراك" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:10 msgid "30 day money back guarantee" msgstr "ضمان لمدة 30 يوما لاستعادة الاموال" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:11 inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:24 #: inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:12 msgid "Current customers" msgstr "العملاء الحاليين" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:12 msgid "" "Once you've signed up or if you're an existing MaxCDN customer, to enable " "CDN:" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/maxcdn_signup.php:20 inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:24 msgid "Save key" msgstr "حفظ المفتاح" #: inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:10 #, php-format msgid "" "NetDNA encountered an error trying to retrieve data, make sure your host " "support cURL and outgoing requests: %s" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/netdna_signup.php:13 msgid "" "Once you've signed up or if you're an existing NetDNA customer, to enable " "CDN:" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:4 msgid "You have not configured API key and Account Id." msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:20 msgid "Average times" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:29 msgid "Top 5 slowest times" msgstr "أعلى 5 مرات أبطأ" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:31 msgid "Page load times" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:41 inc/widget/new_relic.php:60 #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:78 msgid "Not enough data" msgstr "البيانات غير كافية" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:43 inc/widget/new_relic.php:62 #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:80 msgid "Data not available to this subscription level." msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:49 msgid "Web Transaction times" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:68 msgid "Database times" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:89 msgid "PHP agent:" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:90 msgid "Subscription level:" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/new_relic.php:92 msgid "Upgrade your New Relic account to enable more metrics." msgstr "" #: inc/widget/spreadtheword.php:1 msgid "We're working to make WordPress better. Please support us, here's how:" msgstr "نحن نعمل على جعل ووردبريس أفضل. من فضلك ادعمنا، وإليك الطريقة:" #: inc/widget/spreadtheword.php:4 msgid "Rate:" msgstr "التقييم:" #: inc/widget/spreadtheword.php:5 msgid "Link:" msgstr "الرابط:" #: inc/widget/spreadtheword.php:15 msgid "Or manually place a link, here is the code:" msgstr "" #: inc/widget/spreadtheword.php:16 #, php-format msgid "Performance Optimization %s by W3 EDGE" msgstr "" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:63 msgid "Pending" msgstr "\tفي الإنتظار" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:65 msgid "Active" msgstr "نشط" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:67 msgid "Cancelled" msgstr "ملغي" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:69 msgid "Suspended" msgstr "معلق" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:71 msgid "Fraud" msgstr "" #: lib/NetDNA/NetDNAPresentation.php:73 lib/W3/Widget/NewRelic.php:88 msgid "unknown" msgstr "غير معروف" #: lib/NewRelic/NewRelicAPI.php:41 msgid "Invalid API key or Account ID" msgstr "" #: lib/NewRelic/NewRelicPresentation.php:14 msgid "Page load time" msgstr "وقت تحميل الصفحة" #: lib/NewRelic/NewRelicPresentation.php:17 msgid "Web Transaction" msgstr "" #: lib/NewRelic/NewRelicPresentation.php:20 msgid "Database" msgstr "قاعدة البيانات" #: lib/W3/AdminCompatibility.php:89 msgid "" "The following plugins are not compatible with W3 Total Cache and will cause " "unintended results:" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminCompatibility.php:95 msgid "Network Deactivate" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminCompatibility.php:97 msgid "Deactivate" msgstr "تعطيل" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:32 msgid "Flushing the DB cache failed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:34 msgid "The DB cache is flushed successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:43 msgid "Flushing the minify cache failed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:45 msgid "The minify cache is flushed successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:54 msgid "Flushing the object cache failed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:56 msgid "The object cache is flushed successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:69 lib/W3/Cli.php:88 msgid "Flushing the page from cache failed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:71 lib/W3/Cli.php:90 msgid "The page is flushed from cache successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:73 msgid "This is not a valid post id." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:92 msgid "There is no post with this permalink." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:105 msgid "Flushing the page cache failed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:107 msgid "The page cache is flushed successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:124 #, php-format msgid "updating the query string failed. with error %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:127 msgid "The query string was updated successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:149 #, php-format msgid "Files did not successfully purge with error %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:151 msgid "Files purged successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:163 msgid " is not supported. Change to SNS or local to reload APC files" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:180 lib/W3/Cli.php:187 #, php-format msgid "Files did not successfully reload with error %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:182 msgid "Files did not successfully reload with message: " msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:189 msgid "Files reloaded successfully." msgstr "تم اعادة تحميل الملفات بنجاح." #: lib/W3/Cli.php:201 msgid " is not supported. Change to SNS or local to delete APC files" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:219 lib/W3/Cli.php:226 #, php-format msgid "Files did not successfully delete with error %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:221 msgid "Files did not successfully delete with message: " msgstr "لم تقم بحذف الملفات بنجاح مع الرسالة:" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:228 msgid "Files deleted successfully." msgstr "تم حذف الملفات بنجاح" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:241 #, php-format msgid "PageCache Garbage cleanup did not start with error %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cli.php:243 msgid "PageCache Garbage cleanup triggered successfully." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:611 #, fuzzy msgid "Request-wide" msgstr "الطلبات" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:624 msgid "Database caching is disabled" msgstr "تم تعطيل التخزين المؤقت لقاعدة البيانات" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:626 msgid "DONOTCACHEDB constant is defined" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:628 msgid "Doing AJAX" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:630 msgid "Request URI is rejected" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:632 msgid "Cookie is rejected" msgstr "تم رفض ملفات تعريف الارتباط" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:634 msgid "Doing cron" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:636 msgid "Application request" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:638 msgid "XMLRPC request" msgstr "طلب XMLRPC" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:640 msgid "wp-admin" msgstr "wp-admin" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:642 msgid "Short init" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:644 msgid "Query is rejected" msgstr "تم رفض الاستعلام" #: lib/W3/DbCache.php:646 msgid "User is logged in" msgstr "تم تسجيل المستخدم في" #: lib/W3/DbCacheAdminEnvironment.php:109 #, php-format msgid "" "The Database add-in file db.php is not a W3 Total Cache drop-in.\n" " Remove it or disable Database Caching. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/DbCacheAdminEnvironment.php:111 msgid "Remove it for me" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/GeneralActions.php:31 lib/W3/GeneralActions.php:47 #: lib/W3/GeneralActions.php:59 msgid "Purge from cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/GenericAdminEnvironment.php:97 #, php-format msgid "" "The Page Cache add-in file advanced-cache.php is not a W3 Total Cache drop-" "in.\n" " It should be removed. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/GenericAdminEnvironment.php:99 #: lib/W3/ObjectCacheAdminEnvironment.php:110 #, fuzzy msgid "Yes, remove it for me" msgstr "نعم، الرجاء إبلاغي." #: lib/W3/Menus.php:43 lib/W3/Menus.php:44 msgid "General Settings" msgstr "إعدادات عامة" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:82 lib/W3/Menus.php:83 msgid "User Agent Groups" msgstr "مجموعات وكيل المستخدم" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:87 lib/W3/Menus.php:88 msgid "Referrer Groups" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:92 msgid "Content Delivery Network" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:104 lib/W3/Menus.php:105 lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:398 msgid "FAQ" msgstr "الأسئلة الشائعة" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:109 msgid "Support" msgstr "الدعم" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:110 msgid "Support" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:114 lib/W3/Menus.php:115 msgid "Install" msgstr "تثبيت" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:119 lib/W3/Menus.php:120 msgid "About" msgstr "حول" #: lib/W3/Menus.php:126 lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:244 msgid "Performance" msgstr "الأداء" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:45 msgid "Supported" msgstr "مدعوم" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:51 msgid "PHP version" msgstr "اصدار PHP" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:52 #, php-format msgid "Not supported: %s. Supported versions are %s." msgstr "غير مدعوم: %s. الاصدارات المدعومة %s." #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:99 msgid "Operating System" msgstr "نظام التشغيل" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:100 lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:128 #, php-format msgid "Not Supported. %s %s See %s page." msgstr "غير مدعوم. %s %s راجع %s صفحة." #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:127 msgid "Web Server" msgstr "خادم الويب" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:144 msgid "PHP module is not enabled." msgstr "لم يتم تمكين موديل PHP." #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:146 msgid "PHP agent is not enabled." msgstr "لم يتم تمكين وكيل PHP." #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:148 msgid "API Key is not configured." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:150 msgid "Account ID is not configured." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:152 msgid "Application ID is not configured. Enter/Select application name." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:155 msgid "License key could not be detected." msgstr "تعذر الكشف عن مفتاح الترخيص." #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:160 #, php-format msgid "" "Configured license key does not match license key(s) in account:
    %s " "
    %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/NewRelicService.php:165 msgid "API Key is invalid." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/ObjectCache.php:683 msgid "Object caching is disabled" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/ObjectCache.php:685 msgid "DONOTCACHEOBJECT constant is defined" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/ObjectCacheAdminEnvironment.php:108 #, php-format msgid "" "The Object Cache add-in file object-cache.php is not a W3 Total Cache drop-" "in.\n" " Remove it or disable Object Caching. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/PgCacheAdminEnvironment.php:478 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and remove all lines between and including " "\n" " %s and %s markers." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/PgCacheAdminEnvironment.php:487 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and remove all lines between and including\n" " %s and %s " "markers." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/PgCacheAdminEnvironment.php:498 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and replace all lines between and including\n" " %s and %s markers with:" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/PgCacheAdminEnvironment.php:507 #, php-format msgid "" "Edit file %s and add the following rules above the " "WordPress\n" " directives:" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/ActionHandler.php:45 #, php-format msgid "%s is not an correct action." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/ActionHandler.php:64 #, php-format msgid "action %s does not exist for %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:49 msgid "File successfully deleted from the queue." msgstr "تم حذف الملف بنجاح" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:57 msgid "Queue successfully emptied." msgstr "قائمة الانتظار أفرغت بنجاح." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:64 #, php-format msgid "Number of processed queue items: %d" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:70 msgid "Unsuccessful file transfer queue." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:84 msgid "Media Library export" msgstr "تصدير مكتبة الوسائط" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:133 msgid "Media Library import" msgstr "استيراد مكتبة الوسائط" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:178 msgid "Modify attachment URLs" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:228 msgid "Includes files export" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:233 msgid "Theme files export" msgstr "تصدير ملفات القالب" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:238 msgid "Minify files export" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:244 msgid "Custom files export" msgstr "تصدير ملفات مخصصة" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:290 #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:305 msgid "Content Delivery Network (CDN): Purge Tool" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:326 msgid "Empty files list." msgstr "قائمة الملفات فارغة." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:378 msgid "Incorrect engine." msgstr "المحرك غير صحيح." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:388 msgid "Test passed" msgstr "الاختبار منجز" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:391 #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:444 #, php-format msgid "Error: %s" msgstr "خطاء: %s" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:421 msgid "Incorrect type." msgstr "نوع غير صحيح." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:441 msgid "Created successfully." msgstr "تم الانشاء بنجاح" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:470 msgid "US-West (Northern California)" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/CdnActionsAdmin.php:472 msgid "AP-SouthEast (Singapore)" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/ConfigActionsAdmin.php:66 #, php-format msgid "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=%s.php" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/ConfigActionsAdmin.php:151 msgid "Database Cluster configuration file has been successfully saved" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/DefaultActionsAdmin.php:634 msgid "Added by W3 Total Cache" msgstr "اضيفت من قبل اداة W3 Total Cache" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:58 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:61 msgid "Submit a Bug Report" msgstr "إرسال تقرير بالأخطاء" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:59 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:62 msgid "Suggest a New Feature" msgstr "أقترح ميزة جديدة" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:60 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:63 msgid "Less than 15 Minute Email Support Response (M-F 9AM - 5PM EDT): $75 USD" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:61 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:64 msgid "" "Less than 15 Minute Phone Support Response (M-F 9AM - 5PM EDT): $150 USD" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:62 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:65 msgid "Professional Plugin Configuration: Starting @ $100 USD" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:63 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:66 msgid "" "Theme Performance Optimization & Plugin Configuration: Starting @ $150 USD" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/SupportActionsAdmin.php:64 #: lib/W3/UI/SupportAdminView.php:67 msgid "Linux Server Optimization & Plugin Configuration: Starting @ $200 USD" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/TestActionsAdmin.php:31 msgid "Test passed." msgstr "الاختبار منجز" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/TestActionsAdmin.php:34 msgid "Test failed." msgstr "فشل الاختبار." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/TestActionsAdmin.php:61 msgid "Empty JAVA executable path." msgstr "افراغ المسار java القابل للتنفيذ" #: lib/W3/AdminActions/TestActionsAdmin.php:63 msgid "Empty JAR file path." msgstr "إفراغ مسار الملف JAR." #: lib/W3/AdminActions/TestActionsAdmin.php:94 msgid "Invalid engine." msgstr "المحرك غير صالح" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:41 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:44 msgid "Empty username." msgstr "اسم المستخدم فارغ." #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:47 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:50 msgid "Empty password." msgstr "كلمة المرور فارغة." #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:62 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:71 #, php-format msgid "Constructor error (%s)." msgstr "خطاء في الدالة الانشائية (%s)." #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:92 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:100 msgid "Invalid response." msgstr "خطاء في الاستجابة." #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:102 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Akamai.php:107 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:108 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:68 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:126 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:142 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:245 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:259 #, php-format msgid "Unable to purge (%s)." msgstr "غير قادر على تطهير (%s)" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Cotendo.php:56 msgid "Empty zones list." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:46 msgid "Empty account #." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:52 msgid "Empty token." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:121 msgid "Invalid Request Parameter" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:125 msgid "Authentication Failure or Insufficient Access Rights" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:129 msgid "Invalid Request URI" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:133 msgid "Invalid Request" msgstr "طلب غير صحيح" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Edgecast.php:137 msgid "Server Error" msgstr "خطأ في الخادم" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:46 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:165 msgid "Empty Authorization Key." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:52 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:171 msgid "Malformed Authorization Key." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:85 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:152 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:205 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:269 #, php-format msgid "No zones match site: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:87 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:207 #, php-format msgid "No zones match site: %s or %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:118 #, php-format msgid "" "Failed with error code %s Please check your alias, consumer key, and private " "key." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:120 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:138 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:239 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:255 msgid "Failed with error code " msgstr "فشل , رمز الخطأ" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:129 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:248 #, php-format msgid "No registered CNAMEs match %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:136 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:237 #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:253 #, php-format msgid "" "Failed with error code %s. Please check your alias, consumer key, and " "private key." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:146 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:263 msgid "Failure to pull zone: " msgstr "فشل في سحب المنطقة:" #: lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:150 lib/W3/Cdn/Mirror/Netdna.php:267 msgid "No zones match custom domain." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Enterprise/DbCluster.php:573 #, php-format msgid "ERROR: WordPress %s requires MySQL 4.1.2 or higher" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:128 msgid "Stores wp_head loop." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:129 msgid "Cache head" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:135 msgid "Cache Genesis header" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:136 msgid "Stores header loop." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:142 msgid "Cache Genesis primary navigation" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:143 msgid "Stores navigation filter." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:149 msgid "Stores secondary navigation filter." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:150 msgid "Cache Genesis secondary navigation" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:156 msgid "Cache front page post loop" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:157 msgid "Stores the front post loop, paging is supported." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:163 msgid "Cache single post/page" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:164 msgid "Stores the single post/page loop, paging is supported." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:170 msgid "Exclude single pages" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:171 msgid "" "List of pages that should have the single post cached. One page per line." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:177 msgid "Cache genesis comments" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:178 msgid "Stores the comments loop, paging is supported." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:184 msgid "Cache genesis pings" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:185 msgid "Stores the genesis pings loop, paging is supported. One per line." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:191 msgid "Cache sidebar" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:192 msgid "Stores sidebar loop." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:198 msgid "Exclude pages" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:199 msgid "List of pages that should not have sidebar cached. One per line." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:205 msgid "Cache Genesis footer" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:206 msgid "Stores footer loop." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:212 msgid "Cache footer" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Extensions/GenesisExtension.php:213 msgid "Stores wp_footer loop." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/Cdn.php:228 msgid "Upgrading database" msgstr "ترقية قاعدة البيانات" #: lib/W3/Plugin/CdnAdmin.php:705 msgid "Purge from CDN" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/CloudFlareAdmin.php:57 msgid "" "CloudFlare plugin detected. We recommend removing the\n" " plugin as it offers no additional capabilities when W3 Total " "Cache is installed. This message will disappear\n" " when CloudFlare is removed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/ExtensionsAdmin.php:21 lib/W3/Plugin/ExtensionsAdmin.php:22 msgid "Extensions" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/MinifyAdmin.php:113 #, php-format msgid "" "Minify Auto encountered an error. The filename length value is most likely " "too high for\n" " your host. It is currently %d. The plugin is " "trying to solve the issue for you:\n" " " "(solving ...)." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/NewRelic.php:71 msgid "DOING_AJAX constant is defined" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/NewRelic.php:81 msgid "DONOTAUTORUM constant is defined" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/NewRelic.php:90 msgid "logged in role is rejected" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/NewRelicAdmin.php:56 msgid "" "New Relic is not running correctly. The plugin has detected the following " "issues:" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/NewRelicAdmin.php:63 #, php-format msgid "Please review the settings." msgstr "فضلاً قم بمراجعة الاعدادات." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:252 msgid "Purge From Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:261 msgid "Empty Disc Cache(s)" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:270 msgid "Empty Opcode Cache" msgstr "افراغ الذاكرة العشوائية لـ Opcode" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:279 msgid "Empty Memcached Cache(s)" msgstr "افراغ ذاكرة التخزين المؤقتة" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:288 msgid "Update Media Query String" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:297 msgid "Empty All Caches" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:304 msgid "Empty Modules" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:312 msgid "Empty Page Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:321 msgid "Empty Minify Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:330 msgid "Empty Database Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:339 msgid "Empty Object Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:349 msgid "Empty Fragment Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:359 msgid "Purge Varnish Cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:369 msgid "Purge CDN" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:379 msgid "Purge CDN Completely" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:387 msgid "Unsuccessful file transfers" msgstr "فشل نقل الملفات" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:404 msgid "Support" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:413 msgid "CloudFlare" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:419 msgid "My Websites" msgstr "مواقع الويب الخاصة بي" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:425 msgid "Analytics" msgstr "التحليلات" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:431 msgid "Account" msgstr "الحساب" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:570 #, php-format msgid "Minified using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:576 #, php-format msgid "Page Caching using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:588 #, php-format msgid "Database Caching %d/%d queries in %.3f seconds using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:593 #, php-format msgid "Database Caching using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:611 #, php-format msgid "Object Caching %d/%d objects using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:621 #, php-format msgid "Fragment Caching %d/%d fragments using %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:633 #, php-format msgid "Content Delivery Network via %s%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php:640 #, php-format msgid "Application Monitoring using New Relic%s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:210 msgid "SSH / FTP host" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:211 msgid "SSH / FTP login" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:212 msgid "SSH / FTP password" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:466 msgid "Empty Caches" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:518 #, php-format msgid "" "Fancy permalinks are disabled. Please %s it first, then re-attempt to " "enabling enhanced disk mode." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:519 #, php-format msgid "" "Fancy permalinks are disabled. Please %s it first, then re-attempt to " "enabling the 'Do not process 404 errors for static objects with WordPress'." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:520 msgid "Please select request type." msgstr "من فضلك إختر نوع الطلب." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:521 msgid "" "Please enter the address of the site in the site URL field." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:522 msgid "Please enter your name in the Name field" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:523 msgid "Please enter valid email address in the E-Mail field." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:524 msgid "Please enter your phone in the phone field." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:525 msgid "Please enter subject in the subject field." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:526 msgid "Please describe the issue in the issue description field." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:527 msgid "" "Please enter an administrator login. Create a temporary one just for this " "support case if needed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:528 msgid "Please enter WP Admin password, be sure it's spelled correctly." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:529 msgid "" "Please enter SSH or FTP host for the site." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:530 msgid "" "Please enter SSH or FTP login for the server. Create a " "temporary one just for this support case if needed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:531 msgid "" "Please enter SSH or FTP password for the FTP account." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:532 msgid "Unable to send the support request." msgstr "غير قادر على إرسال طلب الدعم." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:533 msgid "Please select config file." msgstr "من فضلك إختر ملف التكوين (الكونفيج)." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:534 msgid "Unable to upload config file." msgstr "غير قادر على رفع ملف التكوين (الكونفيج)." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:535 msgid "Configuration file could not be imported." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:536 #, php-format msgid "" "Default settings could not be restored. Please run chmod 777 %s to make the configuration file write-able, then try again." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:537 msgid "Unable to purge attachment." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:538 msgid "Unable to purge post." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:539 msgid "Unable to purge page." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:540 #, php-format msgid "" "%swp-config.php could not be written, please edit config " "and add:
    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '%s'); before require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-" "settings.php');." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:541 #, php-format msgid "" "%swp-config.php could not be written, please edit config " "and add:
    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', false); before require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-" "settings.php');." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:542 msgid "Unable to make CloudFlare API request." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:546 msgid "Plugin configuration successfully updated." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:547 msgid "All caches successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:548 msgid "All caches except CloudFlare successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:549 msgid "Memcached cache(s) successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:550 msgid "Opcode cache(s) successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:551 msgid "APC system cache successfully emptied" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:552 msgid "Disk cache(s) successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:553 msgid "Page cache successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:554 msgid "Database cache successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:555 msgid "Object cache successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:556 msgid "Fragment cache successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:557 msgid "Minify cache successfully emptied." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:558 msgid "Media Query string has been successfully updated." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:559 msgid "Varnish servers successfully purged." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:560 msgid "CDN was successfully purged." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:561 msgid "The support request has been successfully sent." msgstr "تم ارسال طلبك للدعم بنجاح." #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:562 msgid "Settings successfully imported." msgstr "تم استيراد الاعدادات بنجاح" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:563 msgid "Settings successfully restored." msgstr "تمت استعادة الاعدادات بنجاح" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:564 msgid "Preview mode was successfully enabled" msgstr "تم تمكين وضع المعاينة بنجاح" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:565 msgid "Preview mode was successfully disabled" msgstr "تم تعطيل وضع المعاينة بنجاح" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:566 msgid "" "Preview settings successfully deployed. Preview mode remains enabled until " "it's disabled. Continue testing new settings or disable preview mode if done." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:567 msgid "Attachment successfully purged." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:568 msgid "Post successfully purged." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:569 msgid "Page successfully purged." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:570 msgid "New relic settings have been updated." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:571 msgid "The add-in has been removed." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:615 msgid "Required files and directories have been automatically created" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:720 msgid "empty the page cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:724 #, php-format msgid "check the %s to maintain the desired user experience" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:724 msgid "minify settings" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:728 #, php-format msgid "One or more plugins have been activated or deactivated, please %s. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:728 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:325 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:345 msgid " and " msgstr "و" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:728 lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:754 #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:24 lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:31 #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:62 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:197 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:204 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:221 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:239 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:247 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:391 msgid "Hide this message" msgstr "إخفاء هذه الرسالة" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:743 lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:761 #, php-format msgid "" "The setting change(s) made either invalidate the cached data or modify the " "behavior of the site. %s now to provide a consistent user experience." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:743 msgid "Empty the object cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:754 #, php-format msgid "" "Recently an error occurred while creating the CSS / JS minify cache: %s. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:761 msgid "Empty the minify cache" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCacheAdmin.php:780 #, php-format msgid "" "The directory w3tc can be deleted. %s: %s. However, do not remove the " "w3tc-config directory. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Pro/FragmentCache.php:582 msgid "Fragment caching is disabled" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:24 #, php-format msgid "" "The active theme has changed, please %s now to ensure proper operation. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:24 msgid "upload active theme files" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:31 #, php-format msgid "Upgraded WordPress? Please %s files now to ensure proper operation. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:58 #, php-format msgid "" "Make sure to %s and upload the %s, files to the CDN to ensure proper operation. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:62 #, php-format msgid "" "Settings that affect Browser Cache settings for files hosted by the CDN have " "been changed. To apply the new settings %s and %s. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:62 msgid "export the media library" msgstr "تصدير مكتبة الوسائط" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:75 #, php-format msgid "" "The %s has unresolved errors. Empty the queue to restore normal operation." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/CdnNotes.php:75 msgid "unsuccessful transfer queue" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/NewRelicNotes.php:32 msgid "CDN" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/NewRelicNotes.php:34 msgid "Browser Cache and use compression" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/NewRelicNotes.php:36 #, php-format msgid "" "Application monitoring has detected that your page load time is\n" " higher than 300ms. It " "is recommended that you enable the following\n" " features: %s %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:146 #, php-format msgid "Page Cache: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:154 #, php-format msgid "Minify: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:162 #, php-format msgid "Database Cache: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:170 #, php-format msgid "Object Cache: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:175 msgid "" "The following memcached servers are not responding or not running:

      " msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:181 msgid "" "

    This message will automatically disappear once the issue is resolved." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:190 #, php-format msgid "" "The CURL PHP extension is not available. Please install it " "to enable S3 or CloudFront functionality. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:197 #, php-format msgid "" "Unfortunately the PHP installation is incomplete, the zlib module is " "missing. This is a core PHP module. Notify the server " "administrator. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:204 #, php-format msgid "" "Either the PHP configuration, web server configuration or a script in the " "WordPress installation has zlib.output_compression enabled." "
    Please locate and disable this setting to ensure proper HTTP " "compression behavior. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:215 #, php-format msgid "" "%s is write-able. When finished installing the plugin,\n" " change the permissions back to the " "default: chmod 755 %s.\n" " Permissions are currently %s. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:232 #, php-format msgid "" "%s permissions were changed during the setup process.\n" " Permissions are currently %s.
    To restore permissions run\n" " chmod %s %s. %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:247 #, php-format msgid "" "The required directives for fancy permalinks could not be detected, please " "confirm they are available: Creating and " "editing %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:267 #, php-format msgid "" "The uploads directory is not available. Default WordPress directories will " "be created: %s." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:271 #, php-format msgid "" "The uploads path found in the database (%s) is inconsistent with the actual " "path. Please manually adjust the upload path either in miscellaneous " "settings or if not using a custom path %s automatically to resolve the issue." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:271 msgid "update the path" msgstr "تحديث المسار" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:282 msgid "" "A configuration issue prevents CDN from working:\n" " The \"Replace default " "hostname with\"\n" " field cannot be empty. Enter " "CDN\n" " provider hostname here.\n" " (This is the hostname used " "in order to view objects\n" " in a browser.)" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:292 msgid "" "The \"Access key\", \"Secret key\" and \"Bucket\" fields " "cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:296 msgid "" "The \"Access key\", \"Secret key\", \"Bucket\" and \"Replace default " "hostname with\" fields cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:300 msgid "" "The \"Access key\", \"Secret key\" and \"Replace default hostname " "with\" fields cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:304 msgid "" "The \"Username\", \"API key\", \"Container\" and \"Replace default " "hostname with\" fields cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:308 msgid "" "The \"Account name\", \"Account key\" and \"Container\" " "fields cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:312 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:357 #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:361 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:365 msgid "" "The \"Replace default hostname with\" field cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:321 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:341 msgid "Replace default hostname with" msgstr "استبدل اسم المضيف الافتراضي مع" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:324 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:344 #, php-format msgid "The %s field cannot be empty." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:330 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:350 msgid "The \"Authorization key\" is not correct." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:332 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:352 msgid "You need to select / create a pull zone." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:374 msgid "" "A configuration issue prevents CDN from working: " msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:374 msgid " Specify it here." msgstr " قم بتحديدها هنا." #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:383 #, php-format msgid "" "Preview mode is active: Changed settings will not take effect until preview " "mode is %s or %s. %s any changed settings (without deploying), or make " "additional changes." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:383 msgid "deploy" msgstr "نشر" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:383 msgid "disable" msgstr "تعطيل" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:402 #, php-format msgid "" "File permissions are %s, however they should be\n" "\t\t\t\t\t644." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:407 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:415 #, php-format msgid "File permissions are %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:410 #, php-format msgid "" "File permissions are %s, however they should be\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t644." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:419 #, php-format msgid "" "Directory permissions are %s, however they should be\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t755." msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:423 lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:429 #, php-format msgid "File: %s %s File owner: %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:435 #, php-format msgid "Directory: %s %s File owner: %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:441 #, php-format msgid "Owner of current file: %s" msgstr "مالك الملف الحلي: %s" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:445 msgid "" "

  • The files and directories have different ownership, they should have the " "same ownership.\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
  • " msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:449 #, php-format msgid "" "W3 Total Cache Error: The plugin tried to edit, %s, but " "failed.\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tFiles and directories cannot be modified. Please review " "your\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tfile permissions. A common cause is %s and %s having " "different ownership or permissions.\n" "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t%s %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:457 msgid "View technical information" msgstr "عرض المعلومات التقنية" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:468 msgid "" "Please enter FTP details below to remove " "the disabled modules. " msgstr "" #: lib/W3/UI/PluginView.php:497 msgid "Click to toggle" msgstr "انقر للتبديل" #: lib/W3/Widget/Forum.php:42 msgid "Forums" msgstr "المنتديات" #: lib/W3/Widget/NewRelic.php:48 msgid "view visualizations" msgstr "مشاهدة المرئيات" #: lib/W3/Widget/News.php:42 msgid "News" msgstr "الأخبار" #: lib/W3/Widget/PageSpeed.php:26 msgid "Page Speed Report" msgstr "تقرير لسرعة الصفحة" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:52 lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:59 #, php-format msgid "Less than 15 Minute Email Support Response %s" msgstr "تجاوب في اقل من 15 دقيقة للدعم الفني من خلال البريد الالكتروني %s" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:53 lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:60 #, php-format msgid "Less than 15 Minute Phone Support Response %s" msgstr " تجاوب في اقل من 15 دقيقة للدعم الفني من خلال الهاتف %s" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:54 lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:61 #, php-format msgid "Professional Plugin Configuration %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:55 lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:62 #, php-format msgid "Theme Performance Optimization & Plugin Configuration %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:56 lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:63 #, php-format msgid "Linux Server Optimization & Plugin Configuration %s" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Widget/Services.php:89 msgid "Premium Services" msgstr "خدمات مميزة" #: lib/W3/Widget/SpreadTheWord.php:42 msgid "Spread The Word" msgstr "" #: lib/W3/Widget/SpreadTheWord.php:84 msgid "Thank you for linking to us!" msgstr "شكرا لتواصلك معنا!!" #: lib/W3/Widget/SpreadTheWord.php:86 msgid "" "You are no longer linking to us. Please support us in other ways instead." msgstr "لم تعد مرتبطاً بنا. فضلاً ادعمنا بطرق اخرى بدلا من ذلك" #~ msgid "select location" #~ msgstr "حدد الموقع" #~ msgid "select one" #~ msgstr "اختر واحد"